Winter Warmers:: Celebrating Winter in The Southern Highlands

May 21, 2018

While we readily admit that trackie-daks and Uggs should form part of any well-balanced winter wardrobe, we also believe that there comes a point when one must step away from the slippers and make plans that necessitate ‘leave-the-house’ attire. The risk of inadvertent hibernation is real, friends. The Fold is committed to doing what we can to prevent this from happening to you. Check out our list of happenings across the Highlands that are bound to have you swapping your Snuggie for snazzy boots and blazer.


Feast of the Beast (now sold out!)

This one’s a bit spesh. Saturday 23rd June is the date of the next Wild Food Adventure – Feast of the Beast. You can expect a real atmosphere of merriment as party goers celebrate the Winter Solstice. Think fire pits, opening ceremony, mulled wine, a forest feast, roving entertainment and loads of fantastic conversation. Feast of the Beast is a child-friendly event! There will be specific entertainment planned for the kids. Adults $95, Kids $45 and a special VIP ticket for $195 which includes 3 courses with matching wine AND full butler service! Did we mention it’s at a secret location?! SO. COOL. Tickets on sale now.


Feast of the Beast



On Saturday 7th July Bundanoon’s celebration of all things Winter kicks-off with an Opening Night Street Party. This family-friendly, community event begins at 5pm and will feature entertainment from local musicians, plenty of food and drink and perhaps even a sprinkling of snowflakes… so exciting!!


Winterfest Workshops 

From 8th – 14th July the folks at Winterfest have created a great line-up of activities for the whole family. There’s cooking and fitness classes, film screenings, art and craft workshops and visits from The Reverse Garbage Company as well as Taronga Zoo’s “Zoomobile”. Loads of wintery fun to enjoy!


Feast of the Beast


Pie Time

Yes, June is Pie Time in the Southern Highlands. 1-30 June you’ll find a wide range of pastry-related activities and events popping up all over the region. Here are our top three picks;


Pie & Pinot Dinner

Kicking off the Pie Time calendar is the Pie & Pinot Dinner on Saturday 2nd June at E2 Events in Berrima. Hosted by Richard Kemp from 11-time Hatted, Eschalot Restaurant, Mark Bourne from Cuttaway Hill Wines and Jeff Aston from Tractorless Vineyard. At this special event you will be treated to seven spectacular courses featuring different cuisine versions of the pie and pinot grape. Sign us up!


Pie and Pinot Degustation 

Pie and Pinot matchings continue every day in June from 10.30am to 3.00pm at the Tractorless Vineyard, Sutton Forest. Delicious mini pies courtesy of Coffee Culture in Bowral. Also happening at Tractorless Vineyard is a bonfire night, Saturday 9th June. Gotta love a good old fashioned bonfire!


Pie FEST Southern Highlands 

June 23rd and 24th is Pie Fest weekend at Bong Bong Racecourse, Bowral. You’ll find loads of local food stalls; pies; cooking demonstrations; pie eating and throwing contests; local beers, wines, ciders and spirits; pies; and plenty of entertainment. Open 10am to 3pm both days with entry prices at a really affordable $5 per adult and kids 15 & under, free. And there’s pies.


Pie Time


Mushroom Forage and Lunch

Two Country Cooks are hosting a Mushroom Foraging Tour Sunday 27th May commencing at 10am. The first tour on the previous day has sold out, so get in quick! Beginning with a presentation on how to pick, prepare, store and cook the delicious fungi - followed by a hunt for Mushrooms. Upon return to the campsite, you’ll prepare a mushroom pasta for lunch paired with a glass of local wine. This kid friendly event takes place in Sutton Forest.


Truffle Hunts

According to the Australian Truffle Growers Association, “Truffles are a fungus and grow under the ground as a result of a symbiotic relationship with the roots of particular trees (such as oaks and hazelnuts)”. According to us, “Truffles are tasty and fun to find”. The 2018 Truffle Hunt season takes place between June and August at Robertson Truffles. At a Robertson Truffles - Truffle Hunt you can expect refreshments on arrival, an information session, a Truffle Dog demonstration and a visit to the Truffière (truffle farm). 


Mushroom Forage


Cosy Fireplaces

With so much frosty fun to get through, you’ll need to find a spot to chill that is family friendly, has great food and service and of course, a roaring fire. Some of the fireplace-adorned hangouts we adore include:


Hickory’s Restaurant and Bar

Burrawang Hotel

Robertson Inn

Bistro Officina

Bowral Golf Club

Biota Dining

A plethora of fantastic ways to celebrate the colder months. Bring it on, we say!



* * *

This hot cold little list of ways to make the most of the cold was brought to you by Wild Food Adventures. This is one team that most certainly isn't at risk of inadvertent hibernation. Their Wild Food Adventure Feast Series - Highland Harvest Feasts - celebrates each season in The Southern Highlands; from the Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox, as far as they're concerned each season offers something unique and fresh to enjoy.

Their next event Feast of the Beast celebrates the Winter Solice and is a p-p-p-perfect way to celebrate our Highland's Winter. 

Feast of the Beast


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