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We are happily eating and drinking our way around the Highlands to ensure we uncover each and every wine and dine delight. From hatted restaurants through to family fav's.

In The Kitchen With Thomas Pirker // KATERS RESTAURANT

March 07, 2019

  5 Minutes In the Kitchen with Thomas Pirker //... (more)

In the Kitchen with Ben Bamford // BIRCH RESTAURANT

February 14, 2019

In the Kitchen with Ben Bamford: BIRCH RESTAURANT ... (more)

EXPERIENCE THIS // Valley Summer Series

February 11, 2019

Valley Summer Series   A fab new fresh experience on the local foodie scene, The Valley Summer Series is three different events held over the summer, bot... (more)

Valentines Day In The Highlands

February 04, 2019

How To Float Your Love Boat In The Highlands   ... (more)

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

February 04, 2019

The Fold team love a bit of chat about our aspirations for a healthier lifestyle. With kids now back at school, the office chat has turned to our good intentions for a year full of healthy... (more)

EXPERIENCE THIS // Canoes, Canapés and Champagne

January 30, 2019

We all know spending time outdoors is good for us, right? It's great for our mental health, can help relieve stress and it just makes us feel so darn good. So, why don't we do it ... (more)

An Evening At Barn By Biota

January 30, 2019

An Evening At Barn By Biota   Nestled in the rolling hills of Kangaloon is a hidden gem, concealed in a rustic yet minimal barn with incredible vi... (more)

Hatted Restaurants In The Highlands

January 25, 2019

Hatted Restaurants In The Highlands   The Southern Highlands has always been a hot spot for incredible produce and amazing eateries, however, according t... (more)

Australia Day BBQ Recipes

January 18, 2019

A BBQ at home, with mates and an esky full of ice. It's about as Australia Day as you can get. Right? We think so too! So, we turned to our trusted and passionate foodie, Rebecca... (more)

7 Reasons To Kickback And Relax At The Highlands Beer And Cider Festival

January 17, 2019

We love The Highlands, we love a long weekend and a festival. And yes, we do enjoy beer and cider. So when all of these things combine, it’s fair to say we’re going to partake!... (more)