Waterfalls of the Southern Highlands

Marvel at Mother Nature with this itinerary for a fun day out chasing waterfalls.


Time to emerge from our homes, get reacquainted with the great outdoors and chase some waterfalls!

The Southern Highlands is home to some of the most beautiful you’ll find anywhere (even if we DO say so ourselves) so here’s an awesome itinerary the fabulous Dimity of @dimsim_outdoors has put together for us. And she's taken these stunning pics - sooooo gorgeous! 

An amazing day out, to take in all the top waterfall sites of the Highlands.



The first stop for the day is technically just outside of the Highlands at the base of Macquarie Pass. Tucked away on the left-hand side as you get to the bottom of the Pass is Cascade Falls Walk. A lovely little walk with a rainforest vibe, and an easy grade suitable for all ages, the very pretty Cascade Falls is a great way to start your morning! It’s just 20 minutes each way. Enough to get the blood pumping.

The more adventurous explorers can climb above the falls and see the beautiful cascades from the top and if you’re there in the warmer months, enjoy a little dip in the pools below.


Cascade Falls at Macquarie Pass



After our little stroll through the rainforest, we head back up Macquarie Pass and down Jamberoo Road to Carrington Falls. Easily accessible from the car park, there is a short boardwalk to a couple of lookouts that overlook this towering beauty of cascading water. With views of the valley sprawling as far as the eye can see, this is a great stop to enjoy some breathtaking scenery and take some pics.


Carrington Falls


For those brave enough to face the chilly water in the winter or if you’re keen to cool off in summer, you can go for a dip at the top of the falls. Just walk a little further down the path and you’ll find the entrance to the swimming spot.

While you’re at Carrington Falls, it’s also a good idea to jump in the car and drive a couple minutes back down the road to see Nellies Glen, a beautiful little waterfall and swimming hole, popular with Highlanders.


Nellies Glen



Once you’ve had a dip at Nellies Glen and oohed and aahed at Carrington Falls, it’s time to move on and head through Robertson, turning left at the pub (pop in for a quick frothy if you like!) and head towards Belmore Falls.


Belmore Falls 1


Belmore Falls is the tallest waterfall in the Southern Highlands and in the top 20 of the tallest waterfalls in Australia! Head to Hindmarsh Lookout for your first stop and enjoy the several-hundred metre walk to the viewing platform for unobstructed views of the first two tiers and the impressive 160 metre drop. A few minutes is all you need here, as there are no special walks to go on and the next view is going to be even better!


Belmore Falls 2


Jump back in the car and continue following the road until you find the weir. Just across the other side is a small track (it’s a little rocky so take your time) that leads to a viewing platform right above the falls! Hold on tight and look down if you dare...once you’ve given yourself vertigo, it’s off to the last stop for the day.



Popular with visitors and locals, Fitzroy Falls is perched right on the edge of the escarpment with some fantastic, family friendly walks. The visitor’s centre at Fitzroy Falls is well equipped with flush toilets and picnic tables, so it’s the perfect place to stop for lunch to refuel and refresh before we tackle another walk.

Parking at the centre is only $4 for the day, so take your time and enjoy the rest of your afternoon with a walk around either side of the escarpment rim. There’s a long and a short option, both with amazing views of the falls and all the way through the valley below.


Fitzroy Falls 1


Whichever walk you choose, it will round out an action-packed day, full of the best waterfalls our beautiful region has to offer. And how good is to get out into the fresh air and great outdoors??


Fitzroy Falls 2


Dimity Hamilton Author Bio on The Fold Southern Highlands

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