How Highlanders Can Help John Waters Bring His Musical To Life

Time To Give Back To The Artist Who Gave Us FireAid 2020


Remember how way back in January (yep, it feels like 400 years ago now!), John Waters and a team of awesome locals managed to organise FireAid2020 in record time? An awesome fundraising concert held right here in the Southern Highlands, where funds raised have been distributed to local residents whose lives were impacted by the fires, wildlife organisations, the RFS and more. 

So cool, right? 

Well, now’s our chance to say thank you to John Waters and help him bring his brand new musical ‘Rondolino’ to the stage. And the arts have also been hit crazy hard by this awful global pandemic, so if it helps breathe some life back into this industry, then let’s do it! 

John has always been a favourite of ours (we LOVED him in Offspring and did your Mum think he was the hot one on Playschool too?) and he’s been there for the community whenever asked, so we were excited when we heard a GoFundMe had been created to help John and his creative partner, Stewart D’Arrietta get the project off the ground. You can help out here

So what is ‘Rondolino’? 

It’s a Blackadder / Monty Pythonesque Renaissance musical comedy set in the early 1600’s in Tuscany. 

Just what we need right now. Something to just bloody well laugh at and forget about life for a while! 

“What our whole industry needs, when the filling of theatres with patrons is finally allowed, is original product, where no royalties go overseas, and both high and low budget productions can work with a margin that allows the employment of as many people as possible,” John says. 

“The money you give to this project could be used to provide employment for up to 50 people in the arts sector.” 

Which is so badly needed right now. 

So, jump on board! And help the guys get this going by donating at John’s GoFundMe page here

Do your thang, Highlanders! 


John Waters GoFundMe


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