Team Building Activities In The Southern Highlands

Team Building Activities In The Southern Highlands

Team building – if done right – can make a big impact. Improve creativity, motivation, productivity and encourage collaboration between team members and departments. Well, that all sounds good!

So how do you do team building right?

Step one. Do it in The Highlands, people!

Here’s some fun, active and creative ideas for you – all local! – if you’re keen to improve or build on the current team dynamics within your business.



Yep! You read that correctly. Foot Golf is exactly what it sounds like. A casual combo of soccer and golf (although some people take it super seriously and there are plenty of Foot Golf tournaments popping up!). Kick your way around the course at the beautiful Peppers Craigieburn in Bowral, followed up with drinks and nibbles in Hickory’s Restaurant and Bar – by the fire or on the veranda! Fresh air, friendly competition and a chance to get out of the office will work wonders for the team.

Foot Golf at Peppers Craigieburn



An awesome new addition to the creative landscape of The Highlands, the SHAC runs regular workshops and courses across a huge range of disciplines and skills. Tap into and unleash the team’s creativity with art classes, life drawing, floral workshops…..the list goes on. Get in touch with the team at the SHAC and they’ll be sure to have something super fabulous to get the team’s creative juices flowing.





Sometimes the team benefits from getting out of the office, letting the hair down a little and being treated to something special, delicious and wine-related! Go truffle hunting in the winter or canoeing with champagne and canapes in the warmer months with Wild Food Adventures. Head out on a fabulous local wine tour with The Grape Escape – how many of us locals have actually been to all the awesome wineries in our own backyard? Highlands Food & Wine Tours also have a Shoot the Vines day – some clay target shooting at Berrima, followed by a wine tour and a delicious lunch. Pew pew!




But without all the uncomfortable stuff and getting bitten by random things! Camp Wombaroo at High Range is run by The Outdoor Education Group. They are super experienced in working with teams and focus on resilience, problem solving, individual and team challenges, and of course, immersing groups in nature for fab outcomes. Optimum Experiences also run adventure camps for businesses wanting to work on personal development and team growth at the Fitzroy Falls Conference and Adventure Centre. Think outdoor challenges and adventure followed by chats around the campfire under the stars at night.




Maybe the team needs to be brought back to basics, given a chance to reflect on the importance of creating something special from scratch and with skill. Join Stephen Hogwood of 1910 Ironworks for some awesome blacksmithing classes. Celebrate the artisan skills of yesteryear and watch your team appreciate the power of creating something with their very own hands.


Black smith


If your team is working in a high stress, quick turnaround environment then the exact opposite is what they need to refresh, rejuvenate and reboot. Nothing like standing in waist deep water waiting for a fish to bite to bring the blood pressure down! Get supercalm and experience the great outdoors with local fly fishing expert, Angus Reynolds.


Bong Bong fly


Who wouldn’t love to roll an arm over or hit a boundary two on the hallowed turf of Bradman Oval? Hire Bradman Oval for the day and relive childhood memories for everyone or create new ones for the business! This would suit larger companies with enough employees to fill two teams, or make it really interesting and invite your business rival or competition to have a game! All in the name of fun and good sportsmanship of course. Sure…….!


You know what? Nothing gives a team perspective like volunteering and helping out organisations that do the work they do for the love of it and not for the money or the KPI’s. We have fab local organisations doing cool stuff so why don’t you get in touch with them and see if your team can help out? Everyone benefits! The Wingecarribee Volunteer Centre is a good place to start. While they recruit for specific volunteer roles, they have their finger on the pulse of who needs what in The Highlands. Also check out:

Dimmocks Wildlife Rescue Retreat
Soul Warmers Café & Food Co-op
Golden Oldies Animal Rescue Mittagong
Oz Harvest Southern Highlands
Your Angel



Everyone knows it! Our lives are too busy and we need to slow the heck down, right? If the work environment is also hectic, help your people learn how to take a break, and keep stress and anxiety levels to a minimum. Many of our local wellness and yoga gurus run private retreats or you can engage someone to run meditation, yoga, breathing and relaxation classes in the workplace. If you want the team to dig a little deeper, head to the Vejjasala Retreat Centre in Wingello, or do a meditation retreat at Sunnataram Forest Monastery on the outskirts of Bundanoon. The team that OMs together stays together!

Team Building Yoga


If you’re organising a team building day, work conference or business event be sure to check out our Business Directory for a list of event suppliers, and conference venues in the Southern Highlands. 



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