10 Ways To Stay Active And Motivated In Winter

August 13, 2018

Although spring is on the horizon there is still no escaping that we are still in the grasp of winter. We’ve made it through June and July, but often it's August that is the hardest one to tackle.

Why? Most of us are simply fed up of being cold and moving about in the dark. But! Hang in there. We are almost into spring and if you feel that your motivation is being tested to the limits at the moment take a read of our top 10 reasons why you shouldn't give up now – or indeed, start now and get a head start!

 Exercise pic 1


  1. Exercise is a proven mood enhancer, so if you suffer from the 'winter blues' shifting your butt should be a no brainer
  2. It keeps your metabolism revved up which can help limit / prevent winter weight gain, stemming from comfort food and binge watching Netflix series 
  3. Exercise helps bolster the immune system thereby helping to keep winter colds and bugs at bay 
  4. Exercise still helps to reduce your risk of serious diseases such as numerous cancers, heart disease, cholesterol and blood pressure related issues and diabetes - even in winter! 
  5. Frustrated that the kids / spouse are glued to the TV when it's cold? Set an example and stay active and bring them too!
  6. Spring will be here before you know it. Get ahead of the rush by staying buff and beautiful, instead of starting at square one again in September
  7. Weight bearing exercise is a huge factor in keeping osteoporosis and osteopenia at bay
  8. Regular activity helps to strengthen your ligaments and tendons thereby reducing your likelihood of injury. Very important if you are also playing those winter sports
  9. Resistance training especially, helps to increase your muscle mass which not only helps with burning more calories at rest, it improves the look of your limbs too
  10. Exercise will actually help with beating that feeling of lethargy. That feeling of tiredness can be turned into one of energy once you’ve got the blood flowing around the body

And a bonus tip - you’ve worked too damn hard the rest of the year not to!

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