RECIPE // Beer Fried Chicken Wings


With Kieltys Hand Smoked Chipotle Sauce


The best thing about a long weekend is kicking back with friends or family around a table full of delicious food, right? If you’re hosting a knees-up on the weekend (or even if you’re not and you want to eat all of the chicken wings yourself!) here’s a crackin’ recipe from Padraic of Kieltys Irish Sauces – an awesome local and award winning biz - that’s super tasty and easy to make. 

You had us at beer….

Oh and chicken….

Ummmm and chipotle sauce…

Beer Fried Chicken Wings Recipe Kieltys Irish Sauces


Serves 4-5

2L vegetable oil – for frying
28 whole chicken wings
1 bottle local pale ale beer
250ml bottle of Kieltys hand smoked chipotle bbq sauce
1 ½ cups of corn flour
1 tbsp of fine salt
2 tbsp of onion powder
1 tbsp of smoked paprika 
1 tbsp mild mustard powder
1 tbsp of yellow mustard seeds
1 tsp of curry spice
1 tsp of ground white pepper
1 tsp of sea salt


Cut the chicken wings in half and place in a large bowl, pour the bottle of beer over the wings and allow to marinade in the fridge for 6 hours.

After 6 hours drain the remaining beer from the wings. Now add 100ml of Kieltys Chipotle sauce and mix thoroughly until all the wings are coated in the sauce. 

In a shallow baking dish combine the corn flour, paprika, mustard, onion powder, curry spice, mustard seed, salt and pepper. Sir until well blended.

Pre heat the frying oil to 180 C.

Working with 1 wing at a time, dip the wings into the seasoned flour mixture and tap off any excess flour and place the wings on a tray. Now fry the wings at 180 C in small batches being careful not to crowd the pan, nudging the wings so they don’t stick. Cook until golden brown for 8-10 minutes.

Using tongs to transfer the wings to paper towel to drain excess fat. 

Sprinkle with sea salt and serve with the remaining 150 ml of Kieltys hand smoked chipotle as a dipping sauce. 




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