14 Instagrammable Places To Eat & Drink In The Highlands

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Who else is slightly addicted to scrolling your Instagram feed? We can’t get enough of all the oh-so-pretty plates of delicious food, sparkly drinks and super-stylin’ décor popping up on the Insta profiles of cafes, restaurants, bars, breweries and pubs in the Highlands.

So we've picked out some of the gorgeous Instagrammable places to eat and drink in the Southern Highlands – have you got a favourite?




Their plates of food always looks like pieces of art and we ALWAYS exclaim, ‘it looks too beautiful to eat!’ then promptly channel our inner Cookie Monster and devour said plate of food in two seconds flat.


Birch Restaurant


Potters Pantry

The entire feed is a celebration of deliciously country meals and treats, but we especially love it when they share their latest cake creation on Insta. Get in my mouth, please.


Potter's Pantry Bundanoon


Grand Bistro

See, here’s the thing....when we were deciding which pic to choose, we struggled because it all. Looks. So. Darn. Good! Do we share the crab burger? The hotcakes? The fresh leafy salads? The colourful veggie broth? Hotcakes won. Hotcakes always win, right?


Grand Bistro


Links House

There was always so much gorgeousness to follow on the Links House Insta feed, but when they opened ETHOS, their amazing onsite restaurant, it’s fair to say their Insta-game went next level. Now, dotted amongst the fab garden and décor pics, there are now what we call lick pics! Pics of delicious food that tempt you into licking your phone....it’s a thing, trust us.


Links House


Eschalot Restaurant

Since taking over this iconic Highlands restaurant, Matt and Cass have made this space their own both in the kitchen, in the restaurant and online. Of course, we love all the awesome pics but we also love the honesty of the posts and the real captures of family life behind-the-scenes.


Eschalot Restaurant Berrima


South Hill Kitchen

While this fab eatery in Bowral has a huge range of fresh (and locally) grown produce-driven items to choose from on the menu, we are suckers for their baked treats and their super-healthy brekkie pics. Look at this one...it even has pretty flowers on it!


South Hill Kitchen



The Press Shop

Take it from those in the iphoneography know, it’s not easy to take pics of coffee that make you want to dive into one! But The Press Shop definitely know how! Oh, and when they pivoted thanks to COVID and transformed their beautiful space into a mini grocery store, that was all oh so gorgeous too. AND they’re housed in one of the most stunning buildings in Bowral – what’s not to love?


The Press Shop


Bistro Sociale

Now, this revelation might be a little hard for you to believe, but we are big fans of a pre-dinner aperitif. Who’d have thunk it? So we love how Bistro Sociale share the delicious concoctions they create in their bar, The Gin Trading Co. Because then we go and drink them. 


Bistro Sociale


The Tasting Room at PepperGreen Estate

What’s not to adore about a feed that celebrates delicious local wine and produce? We especially love the wine bit and the pretty pics of all the delicious varieties – it’s like a wine rainbow!


Peppergreen Estate


Eden Brewery

Speaking of rainbows.......here’s a beer one for you! We love the real and industrial look and feel of Eden’s Insta feed (and keeping updated on what amazing brew they’ve come up with next!).

Eden Brewery



Highlands Merchant

Everything about this Insta feed is stunning, delicious and simply gorgeous, but it’s the Highlands Merchant mural in Moss Vale that has become an Insta-hit with out-of-towners and locals. The perfect Insta pic background, no?


Highlands Merchant Store Front


The Boston

One of the prettiest entrances in allllll of the land (and the food and courtyard area are fab too!)


The Boston



Burrawang Village Hotel

The courtyard, the sunshine, the wisteria, the Veuve Clicquot brollies....need we say more?


Burrawang Village Hotel


Royal Hotel

The courtyard area out the back of the Royal in Bowral is pretty spesh, especially when the sun sets and the festoon lights flicker on. Gorgeous!


Royal Hotel Bowral




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