IN THE KITCHEN WITH MARK CHANCE // The Tasting Room at PepperGreen Estate


Mark Chance moved to the Highlands 20 years ago and has built a stellar reputation running some of the region’s most well-known kitchens including The Grand Bar & Brassiere, Primary Espresso, Dos Hombres and now The Tasting Room, PepperGreen Estate’s recently opened food and wine hub in Berrima. 

“I met Hank and Katrina (PepperGreen Estate owners) when I ran Primary Espresso. They liked a couple of dishes we did there – our biryani and our bisque – so when they opened The Tasting Room, they contacted me and said if I can put those on the menu I can come to Berrima and run the pass here,” Mark explains. 

 “And the bisque is on the menu right now,” he says, pointing at a pot bubbling away on the stove (which smells amazing – yep! We are literally in the kitchen with Mark). 


Grab Chef Mark Chance's recipe


Many locals know Mark in his other role as barman (and business owner) of Dos Hombres in Bowral. 

When The Tasting Room opened in July, Mark and his business partner James created an eclectic menu, tweaking and adjusting the menu based on what customers have connected with, incorporating seasonal and local produce as much as possible. 

“We take bits and pieces from any cuisine that grabs us, and focus on making the food tasty. You can’t beat taste,” he says. 

Mark waves his arm towards the busy stove top. 

“We’ve got a classic bisque on the stove there, a stock for coq au vin here, there’s crème brulee happening there and a Chinese master stock for chicken going on here. Definitely eclectic!” 

Mark likes to work with local producers as much as possible. 

“I worked with some local truffles in winter which was great. And there are some delicious potatoes coming out of Wildes Meadow. There’s some good produce around here,” he says. 

The most popular dish at The Tasting Room is the hand rolled gnocchi served with king prawns, sage and beurre noisette (we’ve taste tested this and it’s as delicious as it sounds). 

Today Mark chose to share the recipe for a local favourite from the breakfast menu – Coconut bread with honeycomb butter and maple syrup. 

“This is a simple dish for people to make at home and really tasty,” Mark says. 



coconut bread recipe from Mark Chance





1 ¾ cups dessicated coconut 

4 cups coconut milk 

2 ½ cups castor sugar 

4 eggs 

2 tsp vanilla 

3 ¼ cups self raising flour 


Heat oven to 160 degree Celsius. Grease loaf tin in preparation for cooking. Add all ingredients to mixing bowl. Mix all ingredients until texture is consistent. Add mixture to loaf tin and place in oven. Cook for approximately 40 - 45 minutes or until cooked. 



250g - 500g unsalted butter 

½ crumbled honey comb 


Add butter and crumbled honey comb to a mixing bowl. Work ingredients to a smooth texture. Roll mixture in foil and refrigerate until needed. 


Once bread has cooled slightly, cut to desired thickness and add to serving plate. Slice rolled honeycomb butter and place on cooked bread slices. Drizzle pure Canadian maple syrup over the top and ENJOY!

PepperGreen Estate Tasting Room in Berrima


PepperGreen Estate prides itself on producing the finest grapes from their Canyonleigh vineyard. We love visiting the PepperGreen Estate Cellar Door and Tasting Room in Berrima to taste their locally grown olive oil, wine (yum!) and seasonal menu.


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