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As soon as Lorense Aguinaldo arrived in the Southern Highlands, he knew this was the perfect place to continue his busy career as a chef, and raise his kids. 

Originally from the Philippines, Lorense has been a chef for twelve years working with The Wholesome Table specialising in organic, healthy and nutritious menu development - a philosophy he has brought to his new role as Head Chef at Katers Restaurant at Peppers Manor House


katers restaurant


“One of the first things I did was get to know the local producers and farmers. They are so great in the Highlands,” Lorense says. 

“Ian from Anchors Fresh Fruit & Veg in Bowral and Sam from Brillig Farm both helped me understand what produce is available in what seasons. In Manila, I only had a rainy season and a sunny season! Here I’ve got four distinct seasons to work with.” 

Peppers Manor House



Lorense also believes in quality over quantity. 

“I would rather have five dishes on the menu done really well rather than 20 – 30 items that are just okay,” says Lorense.

That philosophy translates across to the ingredients for each dish he creates. 

“You don’t need 30 different ingredients to make something taste good. Something simple and healthy with five ingredients can taste just as good.”

“The best way to describe my philosophy is let’s change the way we eat one plate a time.” 



Peppers restaurant


Regulars to Katers Restaurant can expect something fresh and new every season. 

“I’m already working on the winter menu. At the moment, I’m experimenting with creating a coffee-crusted beef dish with a red sauce,” he says. 

Ooooh yum! 

“I’m always working on vegan and vegetarian dishes. It’s important to provide an alternative for meat. At the moment, we have a vegan cheese on the menu – made from tofu and cashew cream – which is delicious,” says Lorense. 

“And I’m working on creating a tasty gluten free bun for our vegetarian burger with the team at Moonacres in Robertson.” 




So, what does Lorense cook at home for the kids? 

“Actually this dish that I’m sharing with you today was inspired by the kids. I try and cook them healthy dishes most of the time – of course, they’ll have days where they have their chicken nuggets and chips – but if they’re eating healthy most of the time, that’s a good thing,” laughs Lorense. 

“The kids love this dish because the orange miso sauce and the sweetness of the marinade masks the fishy flavour of the salmon.”

“The marinade is really versatile and easy to put together. I use it for pork and chicken dishes too.” 

Kater Restaurant Peppers Manor House



So what is the dish Lorense is sharing with us? 

“Honey glazed salmon with orange and miso sauce. It’s really easy to make at home, healthy and refreshing.” 

Yum! How good does it look? Want to give it a try yourself? 

Scroll on down for the recipe - super easy! 


Sutton Forest





First of all, make the soy honey marinade and marinate the salmon overnight.

Soy Honey Marinade
Honey 1 cup
Soy Sauce ½ cup
Olive Oil ¼ cup
Then marinate the salmon overnight


Whip up the Quinoa Salad
Quinoa Salad
Yield 500g
Capsicum Red 25g
Capsicum Green 25g
Cucumber 75g
Coriander 3g
Garlic (puree) 10g
Onion Red 40g
Tomatoes 75g
Red Wine Vinegar 5ml
Lemon Juice 30ml
Mint Leaves 3g
Quinoa (cooked) 250g

NB: Can be served warm or cold

Make the Orange Miso Glaze

Orange Miso Glaze
Japanese Miso 180g
Honey 30ml
Orange Juice 200ml
Caster Sugar 60g
Salt 30g

Then pop on the stove and reduce up to 50% or until proper thickened consistency.
Strain and store in the fridge. 

Time to plate up!

Miso Glazed Salmon:

Place the quinoa salad in the centre of plate
Roast cherry tomatos and place on the side
Fry the salmon in a fry pan and crisp up the skin then place on the bed of quinoa
Top with oven roasted broccolini
Pour the orange miso sauce over the salmon
Top with Brillig Farm greens
Then splosh some drops of olive oil around the outside of the plate. 

And voila! 


Click here to check out Katers Restaurant Summer Menu. 



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