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There are so many fabulous producers and farmers using what nature has provided for us in the Southern Highlands to create wonderful businesses, products and services, don’t you think?

We recently discovered Heart Spring, a fantastic, local small biz that sources naturally filtered pure water from an ever-flowing spring located right here in The Highlands.

Perhaps it was our thirst for knowledge (sorry not sorry!!) but we were keen to find out what makes this spring water so special. We chatted with owner Chris Cloran to discover more about the business, how the water is sourced, and the health benefits associated with drinking spring water.

Heart Springs Chris Cloran

How did it all begin?

Locals have known about this water for generations.

“I moved to the Southern Highlands with my family from Sydney 20 years ago, and we were customers of the water for many years,” Chris says.

“My son was working with the previous owner when he decided to put the business up for sale. I had recently left my job in Sydney and was looking for a new direction. I’ve always had an interest in natural health having worked in the nutritional products industry when I was younger, so it was a good match.

“I took the business over in July 2015 and I’m thrilled to be doing something that is important to me.”

Chris also recently discovered a fascinating family link to the spring, going back to his great-great-great-grandmother. In 1861, his Irish ancestors who had previously settled in the Shoalhaven region thrashed their way up to the Southern Highlands and began farming in the area.

Some 50 years later, the 100 acre dairy farm was sold, making reference to a ‘never failing spring’ on the property’s bill of sale. Further ancestry and local history research has convinced Chris this is the very same spring.

“So we’ve come back to our roots here in The Highlands, and to the same water our ancestors enjoyed all those years ago!”

Heart Springs Water

So, what’s unique about Heart Spring water?

It’s the only natural spring here in The Highlands available to bottle and sell. Of course, other farms and properties across the region have natural springs on their land, but this is the only one that can be sold and shared with customers eager to drink in a little bit of The Highlands - literally.

“Other water that is commercially sourced locally is bore water which means companies have to drill for the water. The bore drills down deep, solids remain in the water which then has to go through an additional process of removing those solids. It hasn’t been naturally filtered,” Chris explains.

“Heart Spring water comes up through the middle of a mountain sheltered by a giant canopy of giant trees. It’s naturally filtered. As the water rises, the solids drop away, and you end up with a very pure, sweet tasting water.”


Natural purity and protection from modern pollutants

“Spring water can travel hundreds of kilometres, remaining underground for decades where the water is protected from modern day pollutants,” Chris says.

“Spring water is called the grandfather of water. It’s the oldest water in the rain cycle.”

We LOVE that! So what does that mean for the quality of the water?

Heart Spring has had the water tested independently by Australian Laboratory Services (ALS) -  Australia’s largest analytical laboratory. They tested for external nasties from agricultural and environmental influences, such as chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants. The result? No nasties!

“The results place Heart Spring water well above the standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) – it’s incredibly pure,” says Chris.

ALS tested for the good stuff too, finding levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium naturally in the water.

Heart Springs in The Highlands


So what’s all this about energising the water? What is it and why do you do it?

“In nature, water is energised from tumbling and moving through bends and waterfalls. Water likes to move, so before we put the water in the bottle, we run it through an energiser,” Chris explains.

“This system was developed by a company called Grander Technology and is widely used throughout Europe. In a nutshell, the energiser replicates the movement of water in nature and drinking ‘living’ water ‘close to nature’ is key to optimum health.

“Remember humans are 75% water!”


The water isn’t just for drinking!

Using Heart Spring water in your cooking is a great way to reduce your overall chemical load.

“We encourage our customers to use the water for cooking – use it in stocks, soups, sauces and to cook rice and pasta,” Chris points out.

“If you are keen to embrace healthy living, eating clean and reducing your overall toxic load, increasing the amount of spring water you consume – through drinking AND cooking – will help with that.”


Heart Springs Water Cooler


Heart Spring is eco-friendly

Operating a business with sustainable practices is very important to Chris. The bottles they use are BPA free and reusable.

“We maintain ownership of the bottles and encourage our customers to look after them to keep them useful for years. We are against single-use plastic and each 15 litre reusable bottle replaces up to 6000 single-use plastic bottles,” Chris says.

“That’s a pretty significant and positive impact on our environment.”


Heart Spring delivers to your door! It’s a cost-effective way to get clean, healthy and local water direct to your business and home, and you’re supporting a local business! For more information and to order online go to the Heart Spring website.




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