HEALTH AND WELLBEING // Check your boobs, ladies!

Early detection is key to improving breast cancer survival rates, so let’s get proactive about checking our breasts, girls! 


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s as good as time as any for ladies (and fellas!) to check their boobs. 

Breast Cancer Network Australia says breast cancer remains the most common cancer among Australian women and chances are, you or someone you know will be or have been affected by this disease. 

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom! Survival rates are rapidly increasing and Australia has one of the best breast cancer survival rates in the world. 

The key? Early detection! 

Now, it’s good to get to know your boobs so you can do regular self-checks. Before you get up to face the day (and you’re still lying down) or when you’re in the shower, take the time while you’re waiting for the conditioner to work in your hair to have a feel around for any changes or differences in your breasts, including your nipples. 


Breast Cancer awareness early detection


Changes to look for include:

  • a new lump or lumpiness, especially if it's only in one breast
  • a change in the size or shape of your breast
  • a change to the nipple, such as crusting, ulcer, redness or inversion
  • a nipple discharge that occurs without squeezing
  • a change in the skin of your breast such as redness or dimpling
  • an unusual pain that doesn't go away.

Of course it’s always good to get a medical professional to check your breasts too. Be proactive about your health (and encourage friends and family too!) and get a breast check-up at Walker Street General Practice’s  new Women’s Health Clinic. 

The team at Walker Street General Practice are passionate about prevention and women’s health. They have launched a Women’s Health Clinic, the first in the Southern Highlands, to provide thorough health check-ups for women aged 25 and above - and that includes a cervical screening and breast examination. 


Walker Street Medical Practice


The clinic is run by their expert team of female doctors - Dr Jessica Hines, Dr Amanda Hipwell, Dr Farhana Faria - each of whom has a special interest in women’s health. The appointment costs just $35 out-of-pocket for Medicare card holders. So, if you have 30 minutes to spare, spend it wisely and book in for an appointment. 

Walker St General Practice Doctors


Click here for all the details. 


You can also make an appointment on the site using their online booking service; select the “Women’s Health Clinic” option on the site, to make sure the doctors set aside enough time for a thorough appointment. 


In the meantime, click here to learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, whether you need information, help, or hope. 



Walker Street General Practice is a friendly and family-focused general practice located in Bowral. Their team of doctors have extensive medical experience and the passion to provide you with the best possible care. The Women’s Health Clinic is run by a team of talented female doctors and offers comprehensive health checks for women aged 25 and above. Go to for more information or to book an appointment online.

Walker St Practice

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