FS8 // The Fab New Fitness Concept Coming To Bowral

A fusion of yoga, pilates and tone work to build strength AND get your om on.


There is a fab new fitness concept coming to the Southern Highlands in August and we are so here for it.

FS8 is a fusion of three of our favourite things to do – yoga, pilates and tone work – done in a group training environment for 45-60 minute classes.

Where did the concept come from? And why is it so awesome and useful for those who are keen to change up their health and wellness approach?

We spoke to FS8 Bowral’s owner, Tim Caruana to find out.


We DO love getting bendy, but an FS8 class focuses on more than just being able to get your legs behind your head, right?

You can do that?


We may or may not  be known for rockin’ out that party trick, but let’s get back to FS8......

Good idea.

Okay, so FS8 combines yoga, pilates and tone work into one class. It’s a fantastic, well-rounded way to improve flexibility, strengthen your core and tone up the body.

It’s also an efficient way to use your time where the principles of reformer pilates, yoga and strength are fused into one class.

And when you do fuse all those elements together, they make the perfect partnership. It’s a full body workout that allows you to strengthen the body AND the mind.


Southern Highlands FS8 Bowral


Who would benefit from an FS8 class?

Lots of different people. Someone looking to change up their yoga and pilates practice, or someone who has never even tried yoga or pilates – it’s a great way to be introduced to these modalities.

It also benefits anyone already on an exercise journey, especially if it’s an intense one. The more intense your training – whether it’s HIIT, running, cycling, martial arts, football, hockey, whatever – your body will absolutely benefit from the subtle stretching, strengthening and flexibility FS8 classes can bring to your fitness mix.


Do you go?

Yep, I’ve been going to FS8 classes. I actually train in MMA (mixed martial arts) which is quite intense and can be pretty hard on the body.

I find balancing out that sort of intensive training with an FS8 class helps with my recovery and it’s just another way to step out of my busy life for a while and focus on slowing down my body, my breathing and my mind.


FS8 Pilates Yoga Tone


How is a class run? Is there an instructor guiding you and stepping you through the bendy bits?

Absolutely, and through the non-bendy bits too. There will be 1 or 2 instructors in the studio checking in on everyone’s form and making sure you’re doing it safely and correctly.

Plus, there’s 10 screens positioned around the room which will guide you on each exercise. We’ve put in a lot of screens because to accommodate all the positions you’ll be getting yourself into – you may be facing one way for one exercise and another way for another one.


Like standing on our head?

Nah, it’s not that intense. But what you do in your spare time is up to you!


While it mightn’t be as intense as something like high intensity training, it can still give you a good workout, right?

For sure. Just because something is slow and controlled, doesn’t mean that it’s not making you work hard. By individually focusing on specific parts of the body, muscles and muscle groups, you’ll get all over body conditioning.

And remember, the focus and strength it requires to balance in certain positions and work certain muscles can give you as much of a cardio workout as a run around the block.


FS8 Bowral Opening 2021


What can someone who signs up to FS8 expect?

First of all, they’re going to feel the physical benefits pretty quickly – improved posture, a stronger core, you’ll feel leaner and supple, and improve the relationship you have with your own body.

And then there’s the other benefits – improved balance, less stress, better sleep, feeling energised after a workout, and confident and empowered for focusing on your health and wellbeing.


And FS8 Bowral is in this pretty spesh health precinct that’s being created on Kirkham Road, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s going to be a pretty cool health and wellbeing destination for all Highlanders.

FS8 Bowral is right next door to the newly opened City Cave which is just a couple of doors up from the F45 Bowral studio. We’ve also got two more exciting businesses opening up there – both health-focused too.

It’s all about giving locals options. You might want to knock out an FS8 class followed by a sauna at City Cave one day, then head into F45 for a HIIT workout followed by a float the next day. Or just head in for a remedial massage on the weekend.....

It’s like choose your own adventure but choose your own health journey!


Sounds great! If you’re keen to give it a go, head here and check out the awesome Foundation Member offer (heads up - there's a Nike voucher involved) and get bendy!

Oh, and hey, if you’re keen to work in this space, Tim is looking for some local wellbeing guns. Click here for job details.


Southern Highlands FS8 Bowral Pilates


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