Finally! Poke Bowls In The Highlands

Who else has been on the hunt for Poke Bowls in the Southern Highlands? Look no further.

The local couple behind new biz Genki Poke are on a mission to provide Highlanders with the same fresh, healthy food they fell in love with in Japan, and have become the Southern Highlands' first biz dedicated to bringing us the oh-so-fresh, healthy and tasty Poke Bowl.


Say what?

The Poke Bowl [say pok-keh - you got it!] is traditonally a Hawaiian dish, made with raw fish, originally created by fishermen using the offcuts from their catch-of-the day. Over the years it has evolved and become a super-popular dish - in Hawaii of course, but also around the globe, including Japan, where the addition of certain ingredients and flavours such as soy and wasabi caught our attention here in Oz.

It got super popular a few years ago in the big city hospitality scene, with poke bowls on cafe menus and dedicated poke bowl outlets popping up all over the place... and now - FINALLY - it has arrived in the Southern Highlands!

It's kind of like sushi... but in a bowl. Fresh fish, chicken or tofu, rice and healthy ingredients like edamame beans and fresh or pickled veg, condiments such as seaweed and a tasty sauce.... and have yourself a poke bowl, friends. Oh, and it's crazy delicious.



For now, you can order online for delivery, or you can find them at Bowral, Mossy and Mittagong markets [when they start back up again].

You can order their best sellers or choose your own ingredients to make up your own taste sensation.


Genki Poke

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Pictured: raw salmon with wasabi mayo. Fresh and delicious and so much flavour in this bowl!

Poke Bowls in the Southern Highlands


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