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The Southern Highlands is jam-packed with family friendly things to do, places to go, sites to see and delicious places for familiy's to eat. We're on a mission to uncover them all for you. 

Places To Cool Off // Local Swimming Spots

December 12, 2018

Cooling off at a local swimming hole is a very Highlands way to spend a hot day. The whole experience is fun. Finding the spot is usually an adventure in itself, and when you find it... (more)

When In-Laws Come To Stay

December 11, 2018

WHEN IN-LAWS COME TO STAY: A 48-hour itinerary to keep the outlaws busy and you (relatively) sane.   Whether you moved to The Highlands to escape your in... (more)

Smile! Are Your Ready For Your Annual Santa Photo?

December 04, 2018

Santa Photos In The Highlands   Who doesn't love a Santa photo!? It's time to get in the spirit, throw on your best festive outfit and get ready to smile. ... (more)

When Friends Come To Visit // A Spring Weekend In The Highlands

October 25, 2018

WHEN FRIENDS COME TO STAY: A Family Friendly Weekend Itinerary   You know the drill. Your out-of-town bestie gives you a buzz and says “O... (more)

Calmbirth :: Empowering couples through knowledge and confidence

October 03, 2018

Birth. It happens to all of us. Well, happened. And, as for birth-ing, there’s a higher than average chance that if you are reading this, you’ve either given somebody els... (more)

School Holidays Activities In The Southern Highlands

September 19, 2018

School Holidays Activities In The Southern Highlands   Whether you love them or you can’t wait for them to... (more)

Swimming Lessons In The Highlands

September 05, 2018

Swimming Lessons In The Highlands Need to learn to swim? Here's a handy list of the providers of swimming lessons around The Southern Highlands.  ... (more)

A Guide To Father's Day In The Highlands

August 24, 2018

Father’s Day is upon us - Sunday 2nd September. So let's help you find the perfect way to celebrate the Dad/Papa/Pop in your life…   Drink... (more)

Rainy Days With Kids In The Southern Highlands

June 26, 2018

We love the rain, we do! What we’re not huge fans of are housebound days with, what feels like eleventy-thousand, mini-human cyclones. Sometimes you just gotta head on out with yo... (more)