EXPLORE // Cave Creek Walking Track

EXPLORE // Cave Creek Walking Track


Wind Your Way Down Into a Stunning Gully

The Cave Creek Walking Track in Hill Top has plenty to keep a bushwalker interested! We loved trekking our way through beautiful trees and underneath huge overhanging rock walls on our way to the cave at the end of the track.  This is a local bushwalk that gets the heart rate going (on the way back up the track) and an appreciation for being in amongst nature and some gorgeous scenery. 

Family Friendly :: More suited to primary school aged kids and up 
Easily accessible :: Parking at the entrance to the bushwalk
Dog Friendly :: No dogs (or horses!) allowed
Stairs :: Yep – quite a few! 
Length :: 2km 
Time :: 1 hour 

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Where is it? 

The Cave Creek Walking Track is in the Bargo River State Conservation Area, about a 2 minute drive from Hill Top Town Centre. Head north along Wilson Drive and about 500 metres after the houses stop, turn right into the Cave Creek car park. 

The car park is right at the beginning of the bushwalk so it’s easily accessible and there is a picnic ground with barbecues at the entrance to the walk, so take some food along and make an afternoon of it!

Cave creek walk


The walk…

Now, the noticeboard at the beginning of the walk says it takes two hours but that wasn’t the case for us at all. We stepped it out – a brisk pace but we could still gasbag away! - on the way down to the cave at the end of the track and it only took us 20 minutes to get there. The trek back up to the car park took us about 30 minutes because a little more huffing and puffing was required – it’s a good cardio workout! Definitely gets the heart rate going!! 

As for the walk itself, the first quarter of the track is quite rocky and a little slippery in places, so not recommended for toddlers, younger kids or people who are a little iffy with their stability. You do have to keep your wits about you on the rocky sections because it would be pretty easy to roll an ankle, we reckon! 

The landscape at the top of the walk is traditional Australian native bush. Lots of towering gum trees and bushes low to the ground. As you start to descend about halfway through the walk, the flora changes somewhat with more of a rainforesty-type feel too. Once you’re down into the gully – with soaring trees and rocky cliffs on one side and a huge overhanging wall of rock on the other – the temperature drops a bit. This part was our favourite! We came down the stairs and did not expect to enter a whole new landscape. LOVED the overhanging rock walls. 

Now, here’s the thing with the cave. There is a small track about three quarters along the walk that will take you down to the entrance of the cave. There are some steel stairs to help you get there. You can peer into the cave and maybe give it a bit of ‘Coo-eeeee’ action but it’s recommended you don’t go into the cave – there’s a tunnel that pops out at the end of the track at the exit to the cave. There are deep cold pools in the cave and plenty of loose rocks, so we followed the advice of the information noticeboard in the car park and didn’t go in. 

The last part of the walk is the best….wandering through the gully at creek level with the overhanging rock ledges, a cute little bridge, gorgeous trees and shrubbery. You’ll come to the end of the walk at the exit of the cave. How do you know? The sign that says End of Track gives it away. 

The walk back up is awesome too. You can use it as a heart starter and get the lungs and blood pumping……or wander along spotting all the different types of birds that hang out at Cave Creek. We spotted some colourful parrots and cockatoos. 


Cave Creek walks southern highlands


Why should you do it? 

The gully at the bottom of the walk is such an oasis and makes you feel like you’re miles from anywhere. And the air feels so fresh down there! It’s a great cardio workout on the way up if you get the legs pumping. 


cave creek


What’s nearby? 

Big Hill Cutting is not far away. This is an old railway line near Hill Top and Buxton. It used to be the deepest railway cutting in the Southern Hemisphere and was constructed in the 1860’s. It’s now not in use and is pretty spectacular to walk through! Start from the railway line near Hill Top shops or do what we did and take a bit of a shortcut. We accessed it from the first fire trail (Coates Road) after the bridge on Wilson Drive. 

Colo Vale is a northern village close by to Hill Top – about a ten minute drive away. The Colo Vale Village Markets are on the first Saturday of every month, so maybe head to Cave Creek for a bushwalk and follow it up with a visit to Colo Vale’s local markets. 


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