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A truly unique Highlands experience combining food, wine, history and the outdoors...... amazing! 


Welcome to Wander the Wingecarribee, an incredible food trail that intertwines local produce, history and nature in an immersive walking experience.

This April, you’re invited to experience the historical town of Berrima like never before, by taking part in a unique food and wine event. And when we say unique, we MEAN it – it’s the only event of its kind in Australia!

You’ll journey through time and experience Berrima through the ages, tasting produce from local purveyors and taking in the sites of this historic Georgian town. You’ll meet locals and be enthralled by colourful stories from the past while sipping and munching on locally made goodies that have shaped this beautiful village.

Doesn’t that sound incredible? If you’re asking yourself “Where do I sign up?” then keep reading!

We spoke to Amanda Fry, the creative force of nature behind Wander the Wingecarribee, who is also the founder of Experience Nature Group, a fab local biz that run incredible events like WILDfest, Feast of the Beast and the Highland Valley Forage – soooo cool.

Amanda let us in on a couple of secrets about what to expect from this amazing event.


Wander The WIngecarribee Berrima


So, what exactly is a movable historic feast?

Wander the Wingecarribee is a 10-course degustation lunch – but rather than sitting at a table, you’re wandering through Berrima village! It’s a food and wine trail through the town, where you can sip and savour local produce and take in the sites, all while learning about the incredible history of mainland Australia’s last intact Georgian village.

Rather than this being a modern-day food and wine trail, we wanted to use food and wine as an opportunity to walk through time and tell stories of the village.


Wander The Wingecarribee 10 Course Degustation in Berrima


Amazing! How did you come up with this idea?

This event came out of another event I do called the Highland Valley Forage. But this one is different because I live in Berrima, so I’m showcasing my home. And that’s the key point – I wanted to do something truly different and unique.

We can have food any way we like, and there are lots of food and wine festivals popping up around the place. But this event is a wonderful way to support local, to highlight and celebrate local people and their stories, and make sure the past isn’t forgotten.

I want to try and bring out the people and personalities of this beautiful little historic town in the Southern Highlands. Because it’s interesting, and it’s fun! And it’s what makes us unique.


Wander The Wingecarribee Heritage Trail in Berrima


Why Berrima?

I’m a Berrima local, so I’m very proud to live here and I love it! And I started to think... I want other people to love it too. There is so much history in Berrima. The village was formed in 1831 and at its peak it had 22 guesthouses. It was a thriving colonial metropolis!

But this was also the time of bushrangers and convicts, and Berrima was a hub for safety and authority. It had a courthouse, which meant it had law. People felt safe and secure in Berrima, so they flocked here and set up shop.

As a local, I know this history, and I’m proud of it. Wander the Wingecarribee is designed to show the outside world who we are and where we’ve come from.


Wander The Wingecarribee Experience Nature Group


Sounds suuuuper interesting! How does it work?

Just like a normal degustation meal, you’ll be eating and drinking 10 courses. What makes this meal different is that it’s on the move! In small groups, you’ll be led on an immersive trail through the village with a local guide.

You’ll start at the top of the village, wander down and along the Wingecarribee River, and finish on the other side of town. You’ll be taking little steps in time and learning the stories behind the local produce that you’ll be sampling.

Hopefully, at the end of the experience, you’ll know much more about Berrima than you did before. You will have tasted some delicious local produce too! And you can be satisfied knowing you’ve been one of the first people to experience an event like this, that is uniquely Berrima, and uniquely Southern Highlands.


Wander The Wingecarribee River Berrima


Such a cool idea. Can you tell us what to expect at each of the 10 stations?

Well, I don’t want to give away all my secrets! But I can tell you a few...

The journey is going to begin at Harper’s Mansion, the beautiful Georgian building at the top of the village. In true Georgian fashion, you’ll be served tea and traditional Georgian cakes made by the phenomenal Gumnut Patisserie. This is going to set the scene, and from there you’ll step back in time and leave modern Berrima behind (at least for a little while!).

From here, you’ll wander down to the lovely Wingecarribee River and find out why this was such an important part of the landscape for the settlers of the past.

Also on your journey you’ll pull up a chair at the Surveyor General Inn, the oldest continually licensed pub in NSW. Here you’ll get to enjoy a tribute to the German prisoners of war who were occupying the jail in the First World War.

We’ll also have stations that represent a more modern Berrima, including Schmokin’ that will bring us forward into the exciting sixties, and PepperGreen Estate that embodies contemporary village life with premium wines and delectable food.

There are plenty more surprises to be discovered... but you’ll just have to come along to find out what they are.


Wander The Wingecarribee Food and Wine Trail in Berrima


I’m getting my diary out right this second – when is it?

It’s soon! Saturday 10 April 2021. When you book, you’ll be able to select a preferred time. You’ll be picked up from Mittagong, Moss Vale or Bowral by bus and transported to and from Berrima. If you’ve booked accommodation in Berrima just let us know and we’ll tell you where to meet for the start of the event.


Any other info we need to know?

All information regarding tickets is below. Please note this is an 18+ event, and if you wish to include any young people in your party please contact us ahead of time. This is a dog-friendly event, provided they stay on a leash at all times and are kept away from food service areas.

Whether you’re a Southern Highlands local or travelling from out of town, you’ll get to see a side of historic Berrima like never before.


Wander The Wingecarribee Harpers Mansion Maze Berrima


Okay, people! Here’s all the details. DO NOT dilly dally – these tickets are already starting to move quickly.


Wander the Wingecarribee

Date :: Saturday 10 April 2021.

Time :: Bookings taken at allocated times with each group around 15-20 people.

Location :: Guests will be picked up from either Mittagong, Moss Vale or Bowral and transported by bus to the event. This will ensure there is enough parking and transport for all. Please book a time from the pick-up location you desire.

Price :: 10-course degustation per person $195 – include parking, bus transport each way, all food, wine and entertainment for the day and GST.

Book your tickets here.


So are you ready to take a step back in time, to when bushrangers roamed the lands and people had cake and tea for breakfast (they’re our kind of people, just quietly!)? Book now and we’ll see you there!


Wander the Wingecarribee at Berrima



About Experience Nature Group

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