EXPERIENCE THIS // DIY painting at Pete's Shed

February 19, 2019

EXPERIENCE THIS // DIY Chalk Painting at Pete's Shed

Have you got the DIY bug? Are you hoping-planning-been-thinking-about-getting the DIY bug?

Doing it yourself, or DIY isn't just the latest cool craze. People (maybe not us, but people) have been doing it throughout history (hello, DIY pyramids). 

But it sure has gained some big momentum over the last few years. DIY TV shows. DIY YouTube videos, Pinterest boards (you'll find DIY-eeeverything on Pinterest) and let's face it, who doesn't adore a before and after pic on social media? We do.

We also love jumping on a good bandwagon so The Fold rolled up their sleeves and popped along to the ultimate DIY workshop at Pete's Shed to give it a go for ourselves. 

After a morning spent in the studio of the pretty-as-a-picture Saint Eloi (you've probably driven past this place on Moss Vale Rd - it's the one that looks like it belongs in the French countryside), we emerged DIY lovers.


And now we get it. We understand why people love a bit of DIY...

It's satisfying. Seriously satisfying. We were pleasantly surprised at just how rewarding it was to do it yourself.

Get creative. We all know how good it feels to tap into your creativity and use your hands to make something. And gosh, it really does feel good, doesn't it? 

Time out. Regardless of the project, you're taking some time out to do something for yourself. And best of all, away from technology (except for the before, progress and after shots for Insta). And it's an opportunity to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand for a while, and nothing else. When was the last time you did that...?

It's fun. Ok, so not all DIY is about chit-chatting and laughing along with your fellow DIYers as you sip on tea and paint away in the studio of a French Provincial oasis.... but the whole process from planning, doing and then standing back and admiring - it's just so much fun!

It's cheaper.  DIY-ing can definitely be cheaper than buying something new or even paying someone else to do it for you. Gotta love that. 


Are we hooked? After our morning at Pete's DIY painting workshop? You betcha. 

Local biz Pete's Shed is all about paint. And craftsman Pete can transform just about anything with some TLC and a few coats of paint. Head into his shop in the Dirty Janes Emporium to see what we're talking about.

And after a morning chatting to Pete, you'll be inspired to do the same. And you really can. It's not that hard, you just need a plan, some paint and a little help from Pete...

If you love the idea of revamping an old piece of furniture, transforming your kitchen cupboards or bathroom vanity, this is the workshop for you. An easy few hours on a Saturday morning and you'll leave feeling motivated, excited, energised and you'll have the rest of the weekend to finish off your project. Boom!

Scroll on down to get a feel for what a morning at Pete's Shed Chalk Painting Workshop looks like...

chalk paint brushes


chalk paint workshop 2


What's it all about?

You arrive. You oooh and ahhh at Saint Eloi for a bit, check out all of Pete's handy work in the studio then get started. Once Pete has taken the group through the process it's time to choose your colour. So much colour! All of the materials and chalk paint are provided and you can grab more supplies from Pete's shop at Dirty Janes or at Petes' Shed and Mrs on Bong Bong St (run by his lovely wife Shelly).


chalk paint stool


chalk paint studio


colour selection chalk paint


And then the painting begins. 


chalk paint prep



chalk paint workshop 1


chalk paint workshop petes shed


A little guidance, some hints and tips from the pro himself and a few hours later you emerge with a fab new (old) piece of furniture and a long list of plans to paint just about everything you own. Stat.


chalk paint materials


black stool chalk paint petes shed


Pete's Shed runs a range of DIY Chalk Paint workshops from his studio. We did the Chalk Painting Furniture Workshop which was the perfect intro for us. In addition to that is the Special Finishes Workshop which is where you'll learn to create all those cool effects like stenciling or creating a distressed look, and the Intensive Furniture Restoration Workshop where you get even more serious about revamping that piece of furniture. Get in touch with Pete here to find out what the best course would be for your DIY project.

Plus, keep an eye out for the kids' workshop for kids coming up - what an awesome skill to teach the next generation.

Most important of all - get yourself DIY-ing. You'll love it! And your house will look great for it!