Evodia Health — Acupuncture

Evodia Health — Acupuncture

EXPERIENCE THIS // Acupuncture at Evodia Health


We’re all about holistic health here at The Fold, and always looking at ways we can invite a little more calm into our lives - and a hectic publishing office! - so we headed over to Evodia Health in Bowral to understand more about acupuncture, and the impact it can have on our wellbeing. We figured if we’re going to tell you about how good something is, we should experience it for ourselves, right? Our wonderful designer, Zoe put her hand up and off she went for an acupuncture session with owner of Evodia and therapist, Melissa Woodbury Kwong.


Melissa is highly trained in Chinese Medicine, massage and acupuncture (including cosmetic acupuncture!) with a double degree in applied science in Human Biology and Chinese medicine with distinction. She also completed a 1 year internship at Nanjing Provincial Hospital (China) and has a Certificate in remedial massage. Melissa is also a member of AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioners Regulating Agency). So Zoe is in great hands! Read all about her experience.


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Melissa guides me into her gorgeous office and we sit down as I explain some of the persistent knee pain I’ve had since a skiing accident in December. She takes the time to run through all aspects of my health, and stresses the importance of diet, hormones and female cycles in solving issues in the body. Even my knee pain, for example had other tell-tale signs of strain around my body. We sip a cup of lemongrass tea while we chat and I feel so comfortable talking with her. The space Melissa works in is fresh, and somehow manages to keep me calm – I’ll admit, I’m a little scared of needles so I’m feeling a little apprehensive right about now!

Holistic health is really important to Melissa’s practice and she recommends a session every 4-6 weeks for general health and wellbeing treatments. These can create balance in the body and potentially treat ongoing issues. Acupuncture is very different to dry needling, which tends to be more painful. Dry needling is only one technique within acupuncture, and is only used when necessary.  Dry needling is not on meridian but rather on the myofacial trigger points, and in Chinese medicine they are called ashi points – Melissa calls these ouchy points!


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Melissa also performs cosmetic acupuncture which softens lines on the face, can rejuvenate skin texture and tone and reduce acne scaring. The needles promote increased collagen and elastin production within the skin. This can have visible changes within just 8-12 weeks.

Okay, so let's get to the acupuncture part! As someone who is incredibly nervous with needles, it’s safe to say I was very cautious about this part of the session.

What does the acupuncture needle actually do?

"Chinese medicine theory believes it removes blockages, helps increase energy, helps the body to heal itself to the area and reduces pain," Melissa says.

"The western world has also come on board and credits acupuncture with pain reduction, muscle relaxation and increased blood flow."

The needles are 0.1-0.2mm thick. They are about 7cm long and are quickly and expertly inserted by Melissa into the muscle. Because the majority of the nerves are in the top layer of the skin, the speed of getting them in is really important. Melissa also uses a range of Chinese herbs with her female clients, helping to treat conditions such as endometriosis, menopause and infertility. 


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Does it hurt? I know you’re wanting to know!

To my delight, I discovered it’s pretty painless and I can’t even feel the tiny needles going in! There was a small pricking sensation when one or two of the needles went into my skin, simply because they hit hair follicles which have nerves, but otherwise there's no pain to be anxious about. Over the course of my 90 minute treatment Melissa massaged and placed needles on my back before moving to my ankles, legs, collarbone, head, tummy, hands and arms. 

I felt incredibly rejuvenated and calm as I left Evodia Health. I felt like I was floating! Melissa certainly has healing hands, and there is a safe and secure feeling about being treated at Evodia. It’s also comforting knowing that her practices are deeply imbedded in ancient medicine, as well as modern medical knowledge. I’ll be back for more soon!


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