Christmas Catering Ideas For The Festive Season

Making Christmas easy with some party menu inspo


We are quite the social butterflies at The Fold, so the silly season and all the parties it tends to bring with it is quite possibly our favourite time of year!!

We are also super savvy with making sure we maximise our party time and minimise the working our butts off in the kitchen time – that’s why when we checked out Bendooley Estate Larder’s catering menus, we got all inspired to rustle up some festive food ideas for the different types of gatherings we host, turn up to or ahem* crash.

From work parties to street parties to brekkies and cocktails, here’s what we reckon will get your Christmas party started!


Fresh catering Bendooley Estate Larder



Making your own cocktails with a bunch of friends is fun and fabulous – and can get a little messy (we’re talking about the kitchen bench here, not the guests!).

Cocktail food that is bite size, easy to grab – remember you need to keep one hand free for holding your frozen margarita and of course, yum is the key here.

Share boards are awesome followed by some mini sweetness.

Menu inspo

  • Bendooley Cheese Board with Tarago Brie, Maffra Vintage Cheddar, MossVale Blue served with quince paste, crackers and lavosh
  • Bendooley Charcuterie Board with Sopressa, sliced jamon, sliced black forest ham, sliced mortadella, smoked ham hock and pistachio terrine
  • Pea and fetta dip with sumac
  • Smoked eggplant dip with tahini and lemon
  • Bendooley mixed olives
  • Mini prune and armagnac custard tart
  • Strawberry friands

And you know what we’re thinking? Maybe order the cold pressed juice (get the green one and the red one – very Christmassy, right???) and add a splash of your spirit of choice for a refreshing cocktail!


Christmas catering Bendooley Estate Larder



Work party catering Bendooley Estate Larder



It’s the end of a busy year and it’s time for everyone in the office to step away from their desks and let their hair down. If you’re having a casual catch up at the office or factory or workshop, outsourcing the catering is a great idea. Or maybe the boss is welcoming everyone to the family home for a chilled out catch up. Or maybe you’re hosting a bit of a relaxed soiree for your clients at the office.

Whatever it is, the food needs to be substantial. Make it filling, delicious and easy to serve up on a buffet or Susan’s desk.

Menu inspo

  • Bendooley Cheese Board with Tarago Brie, Maffra Vintage Cheddar, MossVale Blue served with quince paste, crackers and lavosh
  • Hommos dip with smoked paprika and friend chickpeas
  • Bendooley beef lasagne
  • Red wine braised beef cheeks with mushroom and speck
  • Goan chickpea curry
  • Salad leaves and herbs with saffron vinaigrette
  • Rice salad with spiced chickpeas, currants and herbs.
  • Chocolate and hazelnut torte
  • Carrot cake, cream cheese frosting and walnuts


Private catering Bendooley Estate Larder



Festive catering Bendooley Estate Larder


Bendooley Estate Larder Christmas catering



We love a fun neighbourhood party! Head to the nearest cul-de-sac, roll your barbies out onto the street, odd numbers on the street can bring desserts and even numbers can bring salads, add some street cricket and you are set! Food at a street party needs to be plentiful (those teenagers and tweens have bottomless pits for tummies), nothing too fancy or unusual – maybe keep the baby octopus for your posh aunty – and easy to add to a plate full of meat!

The kids love it, the grown-ups love It and it’s such a great way to connect with your community.

Menu inspo

  • Pulled BBQ pork, cabbage, rocket and spiced almonds salad
  • Baby sweet potato, corn and chilli salsa
  • Brown rice, sekuwa roasted chick, broccolini and miso ginger dressing
  • Seasonal summer fruits
  • Lemon and meringue cupcakes (dyyyyyying – yum!)


Catering for Christmas with Bendooley Estate Larder



Bendooley Estate Larder catering for parties



Okay the big fella has been, the kids have woken you up at sparrows fart’o’clock, presents have been opened – the kids are making a massive mess on the lounge room floor, you’re trying to find batteries, swearing under your breath about kids toy packaging requiring a screwdriver and about to empty a packet of coffee beans down your gullet.

The last thing you feel like doing is whipping up brekkie, right? We love the idea of pulling some super healthy, light (remember you’re about to eat your weight in ham and prawns in a few hours’ time) and pre-prepared from the fridge for Christmas morning deliciousness.

Menu inspo

  • Orange and spice muffin
  • Carrot, coconut and golden raisin, granola muffin
  • Ricotta, honey and fig muffin
  • Organic coconut yoghurt, Bendooley granola, organic maple syrup
  • Red quinoa, apple, pecans and currants
  • Cold pressed Red Juice: Beetroot, strawberries, red grapes and watermelon
  • Orange, carrot, turmeric and ginger juice

If that doesn’t prepare you for platefuls of pavlova and dollops of trifle later in the day, we don’t know what will!


Bendooley Estate Private Catering for Christmas


Cold Pressed Juices from Bendooley Estate Larder


Okay, this day is for stretchy pants, people! And leftovers. So this is what we recommend you do. Serve up your cold cuts of ham, turkey and chicken with some yummo fresh salads. Oh, and for dessert we’re thinking pull back on the sugar and counterbalance the three servings of Christmas pud you had yesterday with some fresh, zingy fruit.

Menu inspo

  • Citrus cured salmon, pickled cucumbers, fennel, dill and rocket salad
  • Roasted beetroot, orange, freekeh, parsley and goat’s cheese salad
  • Peas, beans, asparagus, mint and fetta with lime sumac vinaigrette
  • Persian red fruit salad with rosewater and mint

And we know we said no more sweet stuff, but maybe pair the Persian red fruit salad with the lime polenta and yoghurt torte. It’s got yoghurt in it, so it HAS to be super healthy, right?



Christmas events Bendooley Larder Estate


Bendooley Estate Larder Christmas food



Bendooley Estate Catering from the Larder features the fresh, wholesome food you find every day in the Larder on Bong Bong Street, Bowral. Sooooooo delicious and fresh. From small lunches with friends, dinners with large groups, work functions and everything in between, there is a range of meals and packages to suit any occasion. Click here for more information about this fab local offering.


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