Champagne And Creativity :: Louisarose And Co

Champagne And Creativity :: Louisarose And Co

Down a quiet country lane, beneath towering gums, hidden from view and waiting patiently to be seen, lies a little studio. Inside this studio a cluster of eager women stand side-by-side in comfortable silence, lines of concentration on their faces, as they gaze intently at antique teacups brimming with shiny silver charms, brightly coloured beads and owl shaped, pea-green pendants.


Behind them, displayed in artistic chaos, drenched in sunlight, framed by feminine, floral wallpaper are dazzling creations of colour and texture. Resin bracelets and mason jars filled with treasures. Long, dreamy strands of faceted glass and delicate, printed silk scarves.

Louisarose and Co


Hypnotised and beyond excited, we have entered the crazy-fabulous world of Louisarose and Co!


Today it is our pleasure to take part in a jewellery making workshop led by the delightful and talented creator of the Louisarose and Co brand, Louisa de Haas. We are joined by a posse of equally enthusiastic ladies who have traded an otherwise ordinary Thursday morning for a few hours of fun and frivolity. Pure, creative indulgence - and on a school day no less!


We begin by choosing our beads. Simple, right? Wrong?! For newbies such as ourselves, the sheer volume of exquisiteness (it’s a word. We Googled it) spread out before us feels somewhat daunting. Our lovely teacher, Louisa tells us not to “overthink it” and to go with what we feel drawn to. After a slow-ish start to our planning and threading (due to a moderate case of ‘overthink’) we are shocked come morning tea time, to find ourselves in what can only be described as “the zone”. Stop for camembert?! Now?! This is the first and last time you’ll ever hear those words from our lips. This is the girly equivalent of an all-you-can-eat buffet and we don’t want the festivities to end!


As we sip at our complimentary champagne and nibble our way through a tray of delectable treats, we get to know a little bit about our host, where the Louisarose and Co journey began and where it is headed.

Louisarose and Co workshop


A local, born and bred, Louisa’s love of art has been a life-long obsession. Painting, drawing, quilt-making, fashion design or creating one-off pieces of wearable art, the desire to design and create has never been far from Louisa’s mind. As a teenager and a thrifty university student, Louisa would whip up original outfits using pieces from her wardrobe and adding her own creative flair. During her time as a school teacher, weekends were spent designing and crafting her signature bright, eclectic pieces to give as gifts and to sell at the occasional market. When new motherhood bought with it the opportunity to reassess and to take a chance on turning passion and talent into a career, Louisarose and Co was born.


Five amazing years and a second, gorgeous son later, business is booming. With clients across the country and a loyal following on Instagram and Facebook, it seems that Louisa’s desire to buck the trend of mass production has resonated with women everywhere. And we couldn’t be more sold!


A Louisarose workshop lends itself to just about any occasion, group activity or celebration. The next time you have girlfriends visiting from out of town, book a workshop. As our grand master says, don’t overthink it! We can’t imagine a better way to spend time with friends, particularly coming into colder weather.

Louisarose and Co


We can absolutely see ourselves making funky ornament inspired necklaces at our work Chrissy party (hint, hint, world’s greatest boss…). It’s the perfect alternative to your typically wild hen’s do, or maybe a good way to start?! If you have a budding fashionista in your life, a Louisarose birthday party would blow their sassy little minds. Or join forces with your mini-me and head along to a mother and child workshop. Don’t forget Mum! You’ll be in her good books forever. Or go solo! We would. It’s the best therapy you never knew you needed.


You’ll find all you need here to get started. Do yourself a favour hop aboard the Louisarose and Co train. It’s the little engine that thought it could, and boy, are we happy it did?!



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