BUSINESS INSIGHT // How To Get Savvy With Social Media

BUSINESS INSIGHT // How To Get Savvy With Social Media

Speak Group's Valentina Borbone Shares Facebook Ads Tips And Strategies

It’s a jungle out there and by jungle, we mean social media! Facebook is such a great way to market your business, but the goalposts of digital marketing seem to move every second day, right? So how does a small business in the Southern Highlands keep up? 

We spoke to Speak Group’s Digital Marketing Expert, Valentina Borbone to find out more about the dark arts of digital marketing. 

“I’ve been in digital marketing for 15 years so way back when it truly WAS the dark arts, and no one really knew what they were doing,” laughs Val. 

Now Val is sharing her knowledge and experience delivering digital marketing courses and training to business and marketing professionals. (Check out this Facebook Ads workshop being held in Bowral on July 4!) 

We asked Val how local businesses can get more bang for their digital marketing buck through Facebook Ads, targeting and branding basics. 

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Facebook is changing dramatically, and many businesses simply can’t keep up. 

“Facebook is 15 years old. It’s not new but is evolving rapidly. Don’t get caught in the trap of operating within Facebook as it was ten years ago or when you first started your page,” Val says. 

“It’s important to keep up to date with Facebook changes. Understand how those changes will impact your own digital marketing strategy so you can change tactics if you need to.” 



Facebook offered a free platform for organisations to grow their audiences and like every other advertising medium that exists, they had to monetise that – hello Facebook Ads!  

“Organic reach has dropped to 1-2% of your total audience,” Val explains. 

“If you’ve got 100 Followers, only one or two of them will see your post! Using Facebook Ads and a smart targeting strategy will increase that reach.”  

Val recommends targeting consumer behaviour and not demographics. 

“Let’s say a business is looking for a high net worth individual keen to invest in a property. They won’t be looking at whether a person is male or female or a specific age. They will be using Facebook Ads to look for consumer behaviour that demonstrates disposable income,’ Val says. 

“People who like Tiffany’s, buy Mimco accessories and drive a BMW or a Merc. Facebook Ads allow us to target behaviour on social media.” 


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“When someone visits your website or Facebook page, you can re-target them with your advertising,” says Val. 

“As a consumer, I find that massively useful! My Facebook activities are narrowed down and personalised to me. I like being targeted and don’t have privacy concerns because it is actually offering me something that’s valuable.” 

“The right information at the right time, curated just for me.” 



“If Facebook Ads and re-targeting are part of your digital media strategy, then yes, a Facebook Pixel is highly useful,’ Val says. 

The Facebook Pixel is code placed on your website that tracks conversions from Facebook ads, builds targeted audiences for future ads and re-targets people who have previously visited your website. 

“You can only do re-targeting if you’ve got the Facebook Pixel installed on your website. It’s fairly easy to set up, but if you don’t know that’s what you need to do, then you’re already ten steps behind.” 


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“It doesn’t matter if you are Coca-Cola or a plumber in Exeter, every business needs Brand Guidelines,” Val recommends. 

Brand Guidelines is how a business defines its tone of voice, visually supported with logos, colours and fonts. Is your tone of voice fun? Knowledgeable? Playful? Define the tone, create brand guidelines, then live and breathe that tone in everything you do. 

“This is important for brand consistency. Be careful about the message you’re sending to customers,” Val says. 

“If the way you present your brand and your business is mediocre then you run the risk of the customer thinking your service or product is mediocre too.”

“Even if that’s not the case and you provide an awesome service or sell fantastic high quality goods, if your Facebook page or Instagram profile is inconsistent and unattractive, then people will create their own perception.” 



Most businesses are solving problems for customers and clients. Whether it be a haircut, buying a winter jacket or building a pergola, it’s all about meeting a need a customer has and providing a solution.

“Tell the story on social media of how you solved a customer’s problem. These sorts of posts work much better than a straight ‘sell’ post,” says Val. 

“Remember social media is about being social! Tell a story, talk to people and respond to people when they talk to you. Showcase the personality behind the business and tell the story of how you solve problems.” 


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“It’s easy to waste your money in the world of digital marketing if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you have the appetite and energy to upskill and learn how to do it well, your business will absolutely benefit,” says Val. 

Speak Group is holding a focused Facebook Ads workshop right here in The Highlands on Thursday 4th July. This is a hands-on course where you will learn the difference between boosting and sponsoring posts, how to set budgets and monitor them, understand what targeting options are available in Facebook and how to create a retargeting campaign using the Facebook Pixel plus plenty more. 

“The dollars you spend on digital marketing can actually target the people that matter. That’s what is so beautiful about social media! Why spend $350 on a newspaper ad when you can spend $50 on a Facebook Ad that lands smack bang in the eyeline of your customer,” Val says. 

“By spending a few hours in a training course, we’ll show how to make your marketing budget really work for you. Learning how to use Facebook Ads allows you to use the money you do have, really well.” 

For more information about the course and to book online, click here.


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