BUSINESS INSIGHT // 5 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Build Their Brand

A brand is more than just a logo! 


What actually IS a brand? Is it fancy marketing speak and REALLY as important as everyone says it is? 

“Definitely,” says Rochelle Lowe, Managing Director of Wink Marketing

“Brand building creates a consistent, compelling image of your business in the mind of your customer or potential customer.”

“If people trust your brand and are engaged with it, they will be more likely to buy that product or service from you.” 

Well, THAT sounds pretty good, right? 

So do you need to be a marketing expert, graphic designer or social media maven to build your business brand? 

“Nope. There are plenty of simple and practical branding strategies you can start introducing to your business straight away,” says Rochelle. 

“Consistency, communication and quality control are key.” 

So let’s get to it! Here’s five practical ways small businesses can build their brand. 


5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses Wink Marketing Bowral



Where is your business? And we’re not talking about the geographical location. 

“Follow the customer’s journey. Make a list of where they will come across your business. Where will they see your brand and hear about your brand?” says Rochelle. 

Is it your website, a radio ad, Facebook page, latest Insta-story, car signage, business card, a flyer on the wall of your local café? Is it all of the above? 

“Do an audit of all those customer touchpoints to check if the look, feel and tone of your brand is consistent across all platforms. Same logo? Same colours? Same font? Same tone of voice? This is a simple thing to do and easy to rectify if it’s a bit of a mash-up,” Rochelle says. 



Ask yourself what the tone of your brand is. Is it fun? Casual? Formal? Humourous? Cheeky? Super professional? How your staff speak, write and interact with customers, should reflect that tone. It can be the way the phone is answered right through to the language used on a sales call. 

Create email templates in the company tone for staff to use when communicating with customers online. It’s easy and increases the productivity of the team too. 

Write a simple call script to get everyone singing from the same song book. What’s a call script? 

“Good morning. Southern Highlands Cakes & Cupcakes. This is Jess. What can we bake for you?” 

See? Simple! 



local marketing



Every brand has a personality and quite often – especially in small to medium sized business – it reflects the owner’s personality and values. 

“Use platforms like Facebook Live, Insta-stories or IGTV to document a day in the life of your business, share tips about your area of expertise or just to touch base with your customers. This is an authentic and easy way to build trust and let your customers get to know you and your brand,” says Rochelle. 

“Blog articles are also great for telling the story of your business and building that connection and credibility with customers. If set up correctly, they can be used for generating leads.” 


social media



Have a look around at your business environment. What’s your workspace like? Is your brand about professionalism and efficiency, but the office is a hodge-podge of desks and boxes? Is your brand about innovation and being cutting edge, but your office is in an unrenovated 1970’s throwback? 

And what do your staff wear? Is it smart casual in the office or do staff wear a uniform? And does that match the look and feel of your brand? (Airlines are great at this!) What if you’re exhibiting at an industry event – is everyone on the stand reflecting your brand values with what they’re wearing and how they’re presenting themselves to the world? 

“Brand training for the team and a strong induction program for new staff is a simple way you can get everyone on the same page, living and breathing the brand,” suggests Rochelle. 


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Marketing plans don’t have to be eleventy billion pages long, and full of fancy words and strategies that are just way tooooo hard to deal with. 

Your marketing plan can be one page long. Or it could be twenty bullet points of key actions you really want to nail this year. 

“Marketing plans need to be simple and achievable. Make sure you don’t create your marketing plan then stuff it into a drawer, never to be seen again. Keep it top of mind by scheduling in a monthly or quarterly review,” says Rochelle.


Wink Marketing is a full-service marketing agency offering businesses their expertise in digital marketing and social media, content marketing, business and brand planning, and creative services. Find out more about Wink Marketing here.


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