CURRENT CRAVING // Burgers Of The Highlands

CURRENT CRAVING // Burgers Of The Highlands

Burgers Burgers Burgerssss

When you’ve got a craving, there’s really only one thing for it… a big, juicy, mouth-watering burger.

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of places around The Highlands where you can feed that craving. And we love them ALL.

We (gladly) challenged ourselves to eat our way through some delish Highlands burgers. There’s so many great spots to choose from, but, for the sake of our hips, and our health, we just did a little taster around the towns…


When you’re in the mood to try something new.

Where? The Glass Cafe, Mittagong

With three big burger options on the menu, this relaxing cafe was a good place to start. We’re talkin’ a beef burger with the lot (including a fancy beetroot relish & pickled cucumber. Yum.), plus a chicken burger with avo, coleslaw, prosciutto and aioli… how good is that! And the Alpaca Burger, which we just had to try. And we’re glad we did.

Alpaca is a lean, tasty meat (we’ll describe it as a sweet meat, similar to lamb. Clear?! Just try it, ok!). The burger comes with the pulled meat, caramelised onion, cheese and smashed avo. The Glass Cafe have a few different Alpaca options on their menu, so it's the place to go if you want to try it. And, what’s better than a yummy burger? A yummy burger with a big side-o-chips. And the chips are gooood.

The Glass Cafe


When one layer just isn’t enough.

Where? The Argyle, Moss Vale

Sometimes one bun just isn’t enough. You know? We’ve found a double-layer cheese burger with some kick-ass burger sauce for you. If you’re hungry, this here cheese burger is the one for you! A big burger with two beef patties, cheese, tomato, lettuce, a pickle and that burger sauce. Dare you to get your mouth around that!

Cheese Burger


Want a burger? Head to a burger joint.

Where? Hunger Therapy, Bowral

What’s a burger tour without popping in to Bowral’s burger restaurant, Hunger Therapy? Deciding which of the burgers to have is the hard part. We landed on the Pulled Pork, Field Mushroom (yummo veggie option!) and the Lamb Burgers. Listen up - char-grilled lamb pattie, beetroot relish, green slaw of apple, mint & peas with a creamy feta dressing. Enough said. Enjoy!


Pub burger.

Where? Surveyor General Inn, Berrima

We chose this warm, cosy country pub to chow down a burger and a beer. Grilled Chicken Burger (we love the peri peri aioli), Grilled Beef Burger and the Pork Belly Burger were the chosen ones. And we’re glad we did! The Pork Belly Burger had us at P… C'mon, pork belly…on a burger…winning!

burgers 1


Fresh, organic, locally sourced.

Where? Moonacres Kitchen, Robertson

If a burger with in-house baked bread and produce sourced locally from The Southern Highlands sounds pretty good to you, then head on over to Moonacres in Robbo. The menu changes seasonally and there is always something interesting on the specials board. The Cheese Burger is a family fave - maybe its the hosuemade pickles! yum! - and there's a kids version available too. 


Five napkins required.

Where? Burrawang General Store, Burrawang

Head on over to the Wang, grab a table at the General Store and order a Five Napkins Beef Burger. We did. It’s big, it’s tasty, and it’s true; you’ll need a few napkins to mop up that delish sauce! Yummo!

moonarchers and burrawang burgers


Old school.

Where? Bernies Diner, Moss Vale

What’s not to love about a Bernies burger?! We always get a little excited as we walk in (anyone else start humming the Happy Days theme?! Just us?). The burgers are just so darn tasty and the old-school red baskets just make us smile. Lots of choices, from The Bernie (the whole kit and kaboodle) through to our fave, the pulled pork sliders. Happy dayz!


Can’t get enough fried chicken.

Where? RCC, Mittagong

Fried chicken. If it’s at all possible to feel positively healthy eating fried chicken; it’s when you’re eating the RCC chicken burger. Lip-smakingly good, with the perfect ratio of fried goodness to greens. You’ll be back for more, it’s just that kinda burger.

Bernies and RCC


When you need a burger, and fast.

Where? George’s on Bong Bong, Bowral

A fast, yummy, value for money fish burger. That’s what we wanted. So we headed to George’s on Bong Bong, and that’s exactly what we got. This lunch-time treat was a hit in our office!

fish burger



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