User Friendly Online Food Ordering App Launches In The Highlands

We are big fans of anything that lightens the load of well…..life! We’re also big fans of food so when we heard about a new user-friendly food delivery and ordering app being launched in the Southern Highlands, our ears pricked up! 

The Hungrels app has launched in Australia and The Highlands is the very first region to get access to this awesome service, with Mittagong's Glass Café being the first local restaurant to jump on board. 

And - we love this bit - Hungrels has partnered with OzHarvest Southern Highlands as part of their philosophy of giving back locally. 

An app that supports local business, makes it easier for coffee and delicious food to get in our bellies AND gives back to the local community? Sounds pretty awesome to us! 

We spoke to Highlands resident and Director of Hungrels, Greg van Zyl to get the lowdown on how it all works. 


Hungrels app


What is the Hungrels app? 

Hungrels is a mobile app designed for restaurants that allows customers to take control of their food ordering experience. You can download it from the App Store or get it on Google Play. 

Restaurants can sign up to the full Hungrels offering which allows customers to order online for collection, home delivery or take it to a completely new level and give the customer the option to manage their whole in-restaurant ordering and transaction experience! 

“Glass Café in Mittagong is the first Highlands restaurant to come on board which we’re really excited about,” says Greg.

“They’re offering a Collection service to start with, so you can order and pay for a coffee and some breakfast on the app, and pick it up on the way to work. Easy!” 


Hungrels Southern Highlands


So how is it different to other food ordering apps and how does it benefit local restaurants? 

“There are a number of other apps out there but they’re not as flexible to use for both customers and restaurant owners. It tends to be on their terms,” Greg explains.
“So we wanted to create an app that gave customers flexibility and allowed them to control their ordering experience, and give the restaurants an alternative to the big apps without having to pay the large transaction fees. Some of the big apps charge the restaurant a 30% fee per order. Hungrels doesn’t do that.”  

We also love that Hungrels focus on collaborating with local businesses and giving back. 

“We’re partnering with Southern Highlands Taxis to offer a delivery option for locals which is really exciting. Apart from a few chain style pizza restaurants, there isn’t really many food-delivery options for Highlanders. Our collaboration with Southern Highlands Taxis allows us to offer that.” 

Hungrels community

ABOVE: Leanne from Glass Cafe, Hungrels' Greg van Zyl and Laurie from Southern Highlands Taxis - that's local business colaboration in action! 


Giving back locally is also important to the ethos of Hungrels, right? 

“Absolutely. We’re very proud to share that we’ve built an option into the app that allows people to donate $1 to OzHarvest Southern Highlands whenever they place an order,” says Greg. 

“Customers can opt out but it’s such an easy way to donate to a fantastic cause and all the money raised goes directly to the OzHarvest’s Southern Highlands chapter which is awesome.” 


Hungrels take away coffee



Why are you so excited about launching Hungrels in The Highlands? 

Greg moved to The Highlands with his young family – he lives in Braemar – when he was looking for a place that reminded him of his childhood in South Africa. 

“I had a fantastic childhood and I wanted to replicate that for my daughter who is now two. All my research pointed me to the Southern Highlands. It really is the best place to raise a family,” he says. 

After moving to The Highlands, the local foodie scene caught Greg’s eye and revealed a business opportunity. 

“We have so many fantastic restaurants and cafes in the area. So many of them are family run, or run by a husband and wife team, or a one-man show!” Greg says. 

“If Hungrels can help these businesses grow by adding value to what they already offer, and at the same time offer a service to locals that makes their life easier, then it’s a win win.” 

“We don’t ask for subscription fees or contractual agreements and our transaction fees are low, so we’ve removed a lot of the barriers restaurant owners face with online ordering apps.” 

“And it’s really exciting to finally have a platform in the Southern Highlands that allows locals to easily order, pay for, receive or collect food from their favourite restaurant.” 

Sign us up! Actually, we already did. And we’re sipping a Dirty Chai from Glass Café as we speak…….yum! 

If you're a local restaurant or cafe keen to jump on board, contact Greg via email at [email protected]


The Glass Cafe Hungrels




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