A DAY IN THE LIFE OF // Managing Director Rochelle Lowe

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF // Managing Director Rochelle Lowe

Rochelle Lowe — Managing Director of Wink Marketing


It’s never easy juggling running a business and family life, but Rochelle Lowe is doing it with a whole lot of grace and a whole lot of humour.

“It’s important not to take life too seriously. I love that I have the family support I need to be able to run a business here in The Highlands,” Rochelle says.

“Sometimes it all works perfectly. Sometimes days are challenging but it’s about staying positive.”



Rochelle is the Managing Director of Wink Marketing, a full-service marketing agency in Bowral. Every day is different with Rochelle and her team working on a number of projects with lots of local businesses from a range of industries.

“One day we’ll be designing a website or writing blogs for a business client. The next day we’ll be designing banners and flyers for a client who has a booth at an exhibition in Sydney coming up. And the day after that we’ll be running a photo shoot as part of a complete business re-brand for a client,” says Rochelle.

“It’s the variety that keeps us excited and inspired to work with businesses in the Southern Highlands.”

We followed Rochelle around for a day – in a totally non-stalkery way! – and loved watching how her positivity and energy drives the success of Wink Marketing, and the success of Wink’s fabulous clients.





Rochelle is married and has three young children aged 7,6 and 2 so life can be a little hectic in the mornings as she co-ordinates breakfast, packing lunches and school bags and getting to school on time.

“Fitness is really important to me too so I do try and squeeze in a run when I can. I’ve got a new fitness client on board so it’s time to brush up on my running anyway!” says Rochelle.

“And these crisp autumn mornings are perfect for running – no excuses!”

Rochelle is also a huge fan of the Southern Highlands. She grew up here, but left the area to complete a university degree in Canberra before moving to Sydney to kickstart her marketing career.

“But I came back as soon as I could!” Rochelle laughs.

“I love the space, I love the community and seeing familiar faces wherever I go.”



A day in the life



Mornings are for appointments and client calls. This morning Rochelle heads to Simply Fitness Southern Highlands in Moss Vale where she spends time with owner, Liz Rees discussing and working on the marketing strategy Wink has created for Simply Fitness.

“I’ll often be out and about in the morning catching up with clients and working with them on their projects, or speaking to people interested in working with Wink Marketing,” Rochelle says.

Rochelle grabs a takeaway then heads to The Woodage at Mittagong where she touches base with the team to discuss a website update Wink are working on.

“We’ve just finished helping Steve at The Woodage prepare for an expo and now we’re working on redesigning the website. I’ve come in to have a chat with Steve about setting up a photo shoot for next week for their new look website.”


Wink Woodage



Time for a quick lunch before heading back to the home office to touch base with the rest of the Wink team and catch up on some admin.

“Michael is Wink’s Senior Graphic and Website Designer, and Karen is our Lead Strategist and Copywriter. All of us have families and work from home, so we understand each other,” says Rochelle, smiling.

“It’s so important to provide the team with a flexible working environment that works for every part of their life. It’s the changing world of business. So many people run successful businesses from home.”

The flexibility of Wink Marketing extends to their clients too.

“We don’t provide a cookie-cutter, one size fits all solution to our clients, that’s for sure! There is not one client that is on the same structure, or has the same strategy. We offer our clients tailored marketing,” Rochelle explains.

“I’ve seen the benefit that provides, especially for local businesses. It’s about fitting in with our clients, not wedging them into a fixed strategy that doesn’t work for them or their business.”


Client meeting



It’s tools down as Rochelle goes into mum-mode. School pick-ups, after school activities, homework and preparing for dinner takes priority in the afternoons.

“I’ll still take calls or check emails if there’s something urgent going on, but I try and structure my day to have some down time in the afternoon and evening and focus on the family,” says Rochelle.



With kids tucked up in bed, Rochelle heads to the home office to get some more work done. Creative projects or work that requires focus for one or two hours gets done in the evenings when everything is quiet on the home and business front.

“Tonight I’m working on a proposal for a new client. I need quiet time so I can get super-strategic about how we can unlock this client’s business potential,” Rochelle says.

“I’ll also be writing a couple of blogs for another client. I find this time of night with no distractions the best time to get into the flow of writing and creating.”



Rochelle calls an end to a busy day feeling positive about the future. She is excited about Wink Marketing, but also excited about the future and direction of the Southern Highlands business community.

“We have something here that you don’t see very often. The business community is very supportive. It’s like the wonderful, country village atmosphere we have created here has extended to the way we do business too,” says Rochelle.

“And that’s what makes living and working in the Southern Highlands a no-brainer for me.”




Wink Marketing is a full-service marketing agency offering businesses their expertise in digital marketing and social media, content marketing, business and brand planning, and creative services. Find out more about Wink Marketing here


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