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August 05, 2020
Child-friendly Cafes In The Southern Highlands

Local cafes that are set up to keep kids busy and you caffeinated!   Have you ever seen the Kitty Flanagan comedy skit about kids and cafes?? “I know kids don’t like coffee shops. Do you know how I know that? By the way they’re always crying and screaming!” It’s funny, right? Until it happens to you! Th...

August 05, 2020
Top 5 Items You Need In Your Wardrobe Right Now

Top 5 Trans-seasonal Highlands Wardrobe Must Haves For Effortless Style Transition from the cold Highlands winter to our lovely and warm spring... With a little luck, we are about to exit ‘all out’ winter dressing and enter into the trans-seasonal spring zone. Now, we all know you can experience all seasons ...

August 05, 2020
Where to get face masks in the Southern Highlands

Face masks may take some getting used to, but it's all about keeping each other safe, right? Now we've been asked to wear masks at community places like the supermarket, we all want to know who is selling them. We hit the streets and surfed online to find some of the local places you can get yourself a mask. The...

August 04, 2020
BEHIND THE BIZ // Sam Mulholland of Mulholland Property

Southern Highlands real estate agent, Sam Mulholland talks to us about real estate done differently.   Even before COVID turned the real estate industry (and pretty much every other industry!) upside down, Southern Highlands real estate agent, Sam Mulholland was researching and learning about a new way of doing ...

July 31, 2020
EXPLORE // Gibbergunyah Reserve

Close to town with a selection of tracks to choose from (or do them all!)   We love it when the wonderful Dimity of @dimsim_outdoors goes exploring and shared her fab adventures with us! Here’s Dim’s latest adventure– exploring Gibbergunyah Reserve to the north west of Bowral. Family Friendly :: Suitable fo...

July 30, 2020
GOOD VIBES // Creative Space Southern Highlands Launch Creativity Packs

An awesome local initiative keeping people connected through creativity.   Hey folks, have you heard of Creative Space Southern Highlands? Based in the Kazcare site on Kirkham Road in Bowral, Creative Space Southern Highlands is an inclusive community art space, focused on accessiblity, where anyone can come and...

July 29, 2020
The Story Behind PepperGreen Estate’s 100-Acre Olive Grove

Why the olive groves are lovin’ Canyonleigh   PepperGreen Estate is producing award-winning (and delish!) local wine, but did you know they’re producing amazing tasting olive oil too? In a 100-acre olive grove at Canyonleigh, 700 metres above sea level, the PepperGreen team is using super-innovative growing a...

July 29, 2020
Breweries of the Southern Highlands

Where To Go To Get Your Local Frothy Fix   How lucky are we to have a bunch of kickarse brewers in the Highlands who love creating delicious craft beer and super-cool places for us to hang out and drink said beer?!  Here's your go to list of local breweries and when, where and how to get your hands on an amaz...

July 22, 2020
7 Awesome Bucks Weekend Ideas In The Southern Highlands

Celebrate with your mates in the Highlands   Your mate’s getting hitched – well, that’s awesome! So, what to do to celebrate and give him a memorable transition from bachelor to hubster? Here’s seven awesome bucks night or bucks weekend ideas to keep all sorts of bachies entertained.   1 // Pretty fly f...

July 20, 2020
HEALTH AND WELLBEING // Shardai Celebrates 1000 Classes At F45 Training Bowral

Check this out – talk about fitness goals! The amazing Shardai has just done her 1000th class at F45 Training Bowral! Inspired much? We were! We wanted to find out more about how Shardai has managed to make keeping healthy and active an important (and achievable!) part of her busy life.      1 // Why ...

July 15, 2020
15 Reasons Why Highlanders Are Lovin’ Links House

Why the regeneration of this stunning heritage hotel in Burradoo has got us locals excited (and heading off for cocktails!)   Built in 1928, Links House is a gorgeous boutique hotel tucked away in a quiet enclave of Burradoo, facing north overlooking the greens and fairways of Bowral Golf Course and beautiful ga...

July 06, 2020
BUSINESS INSIGHT // NSW Government Announces COVID Recovery Grant For Small Businesses

Let your customers know you're open and ready for business   Hey, small biz owners, have you heard about this grant? The NSW Government have announced the COVID Recovery Grant to help small businesses re-open.  It’s a one-off grant between $500 - $3000 for small businesses that fall within a highly impacted i...

July 03, 2020
Family Friendly Bike Rides In The Southern Highlands
Family Friendly Bike Rides In The Southern Highlands

From mountain-biking adventures to gravel rides and smooth cycling tracks.   Cycling is an awesome activity for the family to do together. The fresh air, the health benefits of getting the heart pumping with some ex...

July 01, 2020
BEHIND THE BIZ // Plank and Trestle
BEHIND THE BIZ // Plank and Trestle

Meet Trent and Lucinda Wilson, the new owners of Southern Highlands business Plank and Trestle.   ...

July 01, 2020
How Highlanders Can Help John Waters Bring His Musical To Life
How Highlanders Can Help John Waters Bring His Musical To Life

Time To Give Back To The Artist Who Gave Us FireAid 2020   Remember how way back in January (yep, it feels like 400 years ago now!), John Waters and a team of awe...

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