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December 03, 2019
The Highlands Christmas Gift Guide

  1. & 2. Cotswold InOut Furniture // 3. Pretty Little Present // 4. Carter Art Collective  5. & 6. The Fixed Wheel   7. Pretty Little Present  //  8. & 9. Quintessential Exeter  //  10. & 11. Highlands Jewellery  //  12. Auberjean  13. Auberjean  //  14. 15. & 16. Bowral Bags 17...

December 02, 2019
The Highlands Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

  Stockist information: 1. & 4. The Cool Room Emporium // 2. & 3. Pretty Little Present      5. Quintessential Exeter // 6. The Cool Room Emporium // 7. Layering With Style // 8. The Fixed Wheel     9. & 10. Layering With Style // 11. & 12. Claytons Pharmacy   13. Car...

November 28, 2019
The Essential Summer-Time Guide for your Highlands Garden

  You wouldn’t think so but Southern Highlands summers can be hot, dusty and stinky, let’s be real. But we do love how it cools down when the sun sets and that warm golden light throws itself across our gorgeous gardens.  So what should we be doing in the garden in these hotter months to keep plants healthy, tre...

November 26, 2019
Christmas Catering Ideas For The Festive Season

Making Christmas easy with some party menu inspo   We are quite the social butterflies at The Fold, so the silly season and all the parties it tends to bring with it is quite possibly our favourite time of year!! We are also super savvy with making sure we maximise our party time and minimise the working our ...

November 21, 2019
The Magic of Tea

“A cup of tea fixes everything.”    This pearl of wisdom rolled off the tongue of Carol Brown of Mrs Oldbucks Pantry and she is sooooo right. What is it about tea that makes everything that little bit better??  We are big tea drinkers in The Fold office. One of us has it super strong – don’t forget to keep th...

November 19, 2019
6 Creative Play Ideas For Kids
in Family

  A child’s imagination is a wondrous thing, isn’t it? The scenarios and situations they create in their minds as they whirl around the lounge room, play in the garden or interact with their friends…..the bath towel becomes the cloak of a king, the stick on the driveway becomes a Jedi’s light sabre, the empty t...

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