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Are you among the 1 in 3 Australians who are stressed about money? The Wealth Farmer can help you with unconscious habits, beliefs and attitudes toward money so you can get your money mind game right.

People get really stressed out about money. And no, the solution to not stressing about money is not having more money. Sometimes more money causes more stress, not less.

If you feel like money stress is having a negative impact on your wellbeing, relationships, and the way you live, The Wealth Farmer can help you to cultivate your wealth the mindful, healthy way.

From The Wealth Farmer - "With a long career as a financial advisor, I recognised a need for personal coaching in the money space. Traditional financial advice only goes so far. Your success with money and creating wealth largely comes down to your unconscious habits, beliefs, and attitudes towards money. If you don’t get your money mind game right, you’re likely to self-sabotage any efforts you make and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever achieve true financial freedom and wealth.

"I work with individuals and couples, one-on-one, to help you set and agree upon mutual goals, make plans, and more importantly improve your money mindfulness, change negative habits for good and uncover your path to true money happiness."


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  • Personal coaching about money
  • Individual or couples
  • Goal setting
  • Plan making
  • Improving money mindfulness

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