The Mantra Blends

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Bowral, New South Wales 2576 , Australia
The Mantra Blends

The Mantra Blends

Bowral, New South Wales 2576 , Australia


The Mantra Blends' tea collection is all about making tea drinking an experience to savour, creating space for self-love, and celebrating YOU.

A Mindful Tea Experience


Hop onto this journey and allow yourself to be guided into creating a mindful tea ritual, just for you. Why? Because you deserve this!

Each tea pack comes with its own specific tea ritual, affirmation cards (relating to the teas main focal point), and a hand picked crystal and crystal explainer card. The affirmation cards, crystal and crystal cards are new every time you purchase, so will always be something new to work with. Like a little Kinder Surprise for witches (for lack of better word) 



  • The Mindful Tea Collection
  • Tea accessories
  • Gift sets and cards

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Bowral, New South Wales 2576 , Australia
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