Highlands Healing Connection

Highlands Healing Connection

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Regal Medical Centre, 2/118 Main Street, Mittagong, New South Wales 2575 , Australia
Highlands Healing Connection
Highlands Healing Connection
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Highlands Healing Connection

Regal Medical Centre, 2/118 Main Street, Mittagong, New South Wales 2575 , Australia


Utilising science and the art of healing for effective treatment to restore health.

The Highlands Healing Connection was founded over twenty-five years ago on the belief that it is more worthwhile to devote one’s efforts to the re-establishing of healthy potential rather than nursing pathology. Our goal therefore is to provide treatment that is not only curative but also preventive, and make available effective therapies and products that support this expectation.


Rhythmic Massage Therapy

Our massage is based in the comprehensive understanding that our many parts are not separate; BODY, MIND and SPIRIT interacting in an intensely intricate relationship. When one or more of these many parts is distressed the vital interconnectedness is broken, impacting upon our health.

With this strong psychosomatic orientation, the therapeutic process is based upon the recognition that the body-mind-spirit interactions are fundamental in the understanding of health and illness processes.

Rhythmic Massage Therapy is both a curative and preventive therapeutic treatment based on the scientific principles of Anthroposophical Medicine, an extension of Western medical practice drawn from a comprehensive view of the human being as an ensouled, intelligent and physical being as provided by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).


Rhythmic Massage Therapy is applicable in both acute and chronic conditions and is suitable for adults, children and infants.


Life Transitions

It is a beneficial treatment during life transitions as it can be given during pregnancy, in care of infants and children, for students studying for examinations (as it assists in information absorption, retention and recall), as care for the elderly, and importantly, as gentle support for those facing mortality.

Learning Difficulties & Behavioural Disorders

It is an effective remedial treatment for learning difficulties in childhood, ADD and ADHD, and behavioural disorders.

Support during Cancer Treatment

It is an ideal support during cancer treatment as it lessens the discomforts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Moreover, it strengthens the patient during and post treatment, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Angina and Hypertension

It is a therapeutic treatment for angina, hypertension, and venous insufficiency, and is also given as support after cardio-vascular surgery.

Pain Relief

It is a reliable therapy as pain relief for:
~ migraine and other headaches
~ muscular tension, strain and injury
~ back, neck and joint pain
~ sports injuries
~ arthritis
~ prolonged inflammatory conditions
~ on-going post-surgical pain

Stress, Depression, Digestive and Respiratory Problems

It effectively treats ~ those of any age with a frail constitution; the nervous system for stress, anxiety and depression; eating and digestive disorders; respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis; the inability to sleep deeply, and the effects of jet lag.


Healing Products

Posture Pole

Relieves tension, realigns your spine and gives quick pain relief in 5 – 10 minutes. Ideal for almost anyone with pain from standing, sitting or any “head forward” activity

Fermented Papaya

A food supplement with exceptional nutritional value as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system support with no undesirable side effects.

Bioptron Light Therapy

The cutting edge, medically approved BIOPTRON device is used in curative and preventive therapy as well as rehabilitation. Easy to use with no known side effects.



Toni Murray
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Peter Baillieu
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Regal Medical Centre, 2/118 Main Street, Mittagong, New South Wales 2575 , Australia
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