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August 13, 2020
What To Consider When Designing A Home In The Southern Highlands

How Cadence & Co design unique homes for the Southern Highlands   The Southern Highlands is a unique region. We have space – lots of it. An abundance of nature in our backyard (both literally and figuratively!). And we have...

November 28, 2019
The Essential Summer-Time Guide for your Highlands Garden

  After one helluva summer last year - sooo hot and dry - it looks like this summer will still be warm but with a lot more rain about. We're totally fine with that after a few years of drought and last summer's bushfires, that...


May 28, 2018
In The Garden :: Prepping For Winter

Change is in the air.   Cool winds are rippling through the coloured foliage of our majestic highland trees. Whilst the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows spill out onto our gardens and are gathered up by raspy rakes on the dry earth, so too are we in a season of gathering the last of the autumn crops from our be...

March 21, 2019
HOW TO // A Guide To Renovating In The Highlands

  Did you know over 60% of homeowners in Australia are likely to make the decision to do some sort of renovation in the next twelve months? Whether it be minor alterations or repairs, repainting a room, doing some interior rejigging with new curtains or blinds, adding a deck, or a full-blown home extension, it seem...

November 28, 2019
Why Teak Works in the Highlands

Tips on how to select, maintain and style your teak outdoor furniture There’s a saying around here that you definitely get four distinct seasons in the Southern Highlands. Ain’t that the truth! But where’s the saying that says you also get crazy July winds in August, October and November, sleet, snow and frosts i...

August 26, 2019
Freshen Up Your Interior Style

We love a spring refresh and reboot. If you've successfully Marie Condo'ed your whole house (and even if you haven't!) there's nothing better than buying a few new and functional pieces that 'spark joy'.  We popped into Once Upon A Time Exotic Furniture to get some interior design inspo in preparation for warmer we...

November 17, 2020
BEHIND THE BIZ // Award-Winning Rofebuild Custom Builders

We Chat To Billy Rofe About How Keeping It Local Is Key To Their Business Success.  Inspiring Stories, kindly brought to you by BDCU Alliance Bank. You Belong Here.   Rofebuild have been quite the Highlands business success story, thanks to some eye-catching and head-turning properties they’ve designed and co...

March 20, 2019

Don’t you just love seeing what’s behind the front doors of some of the most beautiful homes in The Highlands? We do too, and happily admit to being right Stickybeaks! That’s why we’re excited to share some stunning shots of Bundaroo House in Bowral. Tina Tziallas is the Director of Tziallas Architects, a design...

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