All about life in the Highlands

All about life in the Highlands

All about life in the Highlands

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December 13, 2019
Water Restrictions In The Southern Highlands

Water restrictions are being introduced in the Southern Highlands, and it's happening as of Monday 16th December 2019 across the shire. It's super-important that we all understand what this means, so read on to better understand what changes we need to make in our homes and businesses.   Why do we need water...

December 10, 2019
IT'S TICK SEASON // What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pets Safe

  Don’t you just love Straya? Not only do the warmer months bring delightful creatures like mozzies, flies the size of your head, creepy crawlies and wriggly sticks out of the woodwork, they also brings ticks.  Ticks can be quite the problem for our pets. And unfortunately, in the Highlands they are prevalent an...

December 03, 2019
The Highlands Christmas Gift Guide

  1. & 2. Cotswold InOut Furniture // 3. Pretty Little Present // 4. Carter Art Collective  5. & 6. The Fixed Wheel   7. Pretty Little Present  //  8. & 9. Quintessential Exeter  //  10. & 11. Highlands Jewellery  //  12. Auberjean        13. Auberjean  //  14. 15. & 16. The Wa...


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Peppers Manor House Sutton Forest

A region known for its colourful gardens, diverse landscape, history and heritage, Peppers Manor House in the Sutton Forrest is positioned in the most tranquil country setting.

Kielty Irish Sauces

A unique range of hand-made Irish sauces using traditional recipes available throughout the Southern Highlands.

Catering At Your Place

Catering at Your Place is an exciting new catering concept to hit the Southern Highlands, bringing their mouth watering yum cha, Vietnamese and Indian street food to the area.

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